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Paradigm - Easter Eggs and Trivia
In this thread, will list every possibly Easter Egg and Trivia which can be found in the 2017 adventure game Paradigm by Jacob Janerka.

More things will get added to this list as the thread is updated.

Act 1
1. Inside Paradigm's Home

*Steam Quest poster
Inside Paradigm's Home, a poster can be found for Steam Quest: Game's Revenge. This is a reference to the YouTube web series Game Grumps and its spin-off show Steam Train. On the artwork is Ross O'Donovan and Dan Avidan, the former hosts of the series, who are dressed up as Prince Alexander and King Graham from the King's Quest series, respectively, a reference to their play through of the the games. Gabe is a reference to Gabe Newell, the founder of the game studio Valve and its digital distribution service Steam.

Ross is also provides the voice for the Bridge Troll character in the game.

*Get Rich or Die of Natural Causes
One of the records in the record box is Get Rich or Die of Natural Causes, a reference to the studio album Get Rich or Die Tryin' by rapper 50 Cent.

*HAL 9000
One of the dialogue options with John 3000 is "Hey dude, do your HAL 9000 impression. "Open the pod bay doors, Hal."", this is a reference to the scene from the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick, where HAL 9000 refuses to let David Bowman into the pod.

The scene in the game can be seen here at 11:16.

Here's the scene from the film for reference.

When Paradigm suggests to John 3000 that he should start selling his papier-mache online, Jon responds saying "Yeahnahyeahnahyeah".

This is a reference to the Australian comedy series The Big Lez Show.
Here's a clip from its spin-off series, The Mike Nolan Show. Clip starts at 3:41.

In a Twitch stream, Jacob Janerka confirms the reference at 48:03

*Who Can It Be Now?
After defeating the water robot, when John 3000 prepares to boot up the computer, he can be heard humming the song "Who Can It Be Now?" by the Australian rock band Men at Work.

The scene can be watched here at 23:42.

Here's the song by Men at Work.

2. Outside Paradigm's Home

*Tentacle Graffiti
On Paradigm's Home, Tentacle Graffiti can be seen which resembles the tentacles from the LucasArts' Maniac Mansion series.

The reference can be found here at 20:23 of the video.

*Water Robot's stickers
Whilst in conversation with the Water Robot, on the Water Robot's body can be seen two stickers which resemble the two robot characters Astro Boy from the manga of the same name, and R2-D2 from the Star Wars franchise.

3. Space Cadet's Home

*Strange Cylindrical object
On top of the box comics, the strange cylindrical object resembles a tentacle from the Maniac Mansion series by LucasArts.

Reference can be found at 1:04 of the video.

4. Road to Drug Dealer's Home

When Paradigm reaches the stairs leading to the Drug Dealer's home, he says "This isn't Rocky, I do not have the calves for this."

This is a reference to the running up the stairs scene in the first Rocky film.

5. Outside Drug Dealer's Home

*Not the Droids
When talking to the drug dealer over the intercom, when you choose the option "I am not a cop", the dealer will say "I am not the droid you are looking for." This is a reference to the scene from the film Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope when Obi-Wan Kenobi uses his mind trick on the Stormtrooper telling him "These aren't droids you're looking for."

The reference can be seen here at 20:12

*Police Academy
When talking to the drug dealer over the intercom, when you choose the option "I Hated the Police Academy movies." the dealer says that no-one hates them except for after number seven. This is a reference to how the 7th film was panned by critics and currently has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (though most of the films were received negatively).

Reference found at 20:49 of video.

6. Inside Drug Dealer's Home

*War pipe
The war pipe is a reference to the warp pipes from the Mario series by Nintendo. Looking down it, you can hear the character Mario saying "woo-hoo".

The reference can be seen here at 10:54.

7. Paradigm's Shop

8. Junkyard

Whilst cutting off the mannequin's head, the music that plays during transition card is the Russian traditional folk dance song "Kamarinskaya" by 19th century Russian composer Mikhail Glinka.

The scene can be watched here at 6:06.

Here's the song Kamarinskaya for reference.

(Yes, it was also in the film Grand Budapest Hotel)

9. Observatory

Paradigm's headset ringtone that plays at different intervals of the game resembles closely the song "Just Can't Get Enough" by the English electronic band Depeche Mode.

The ringtone can be heard here at 0:03.

And here's the actual song for comparison.

*Morty graffiti
On the butt observatory, graffiti of the character Morty from the animated series Rick & Morty can be seen.

An image of Morty for reference.
[Image: Morty.JPG]

Act 2
1. Office

2. Hallway

As mentioned by Jacob in the game's commentary, the MegaBRO serving as fast travel system for Act 2 was inspired by the rent-able Nintendo DS systems at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

The scene where Paradigm encounters the MegaBRO can be found here.

*Cthulhu flavor cupcake
One of the cupcakes you can acquire from the cupcake salesperson is the Cthulhu flavored cupcake, a reference to the great old one Cthulhu from the Cthulhu Mythos by early 20th century writer H. P. Lovecraft.


The scene in the game can be watched here at 9:56.

3. Elevator

*Elevator tune
As mentioned by the game's composer, Jonas Kjellberg, in the game's commentary, the track that's played in the Elevator was originally intended to be played in the Head Mart. The vocoder voice can be heard saying "Buy a head".

*Chuck the pot plant
Inside the elevator can be found a plant named Chuck the pot plant, a reference to the recurring Chuck the Plant found in the LucasArts games Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and Tales of Monkey Island, and also Thimbleweed Park.

4. Labs

*Scientist assemble
When assembling the Scientist's limbs, an anime-style cut-scene will play which parodies the 'Form Voltron' scene from the Voltron anime series.

The scene from the game can be watched here at 20:08.

Here's the Form Voltron scene for comparison.

5. Lobby

6. Church

*Glam Nun tattoos
Whilst talking to the glam nun, in her close-up you can see on her tattoos of Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango, Max the Rabbit from the Sam & Max series, Klaymen from The Neverhood, and for the comedy band Ninja Sex Party with the initials 'NSP'.


The close-up of her can be seen here at 10:16.

*Victory fanfare
When you defeat the glam metal pug leader, the victory fanfare that plays resembles the fanfare from the Final Fantasy series.

The fanfare can be heard here at 24:00.

And for comparison, here are all of the victory fanfares from the Final Fantasy series.

7. Head Mart

*Heads in jars
All of the heads in the jars are a reference to the various heads in jars seen in the comedy animated series Futurama.

*Head Mart terminal - Gold Jerrygold
One of the heads in the head mart terminal is Gold Jerrygold, a reference to the character Kenny Bania from the television sitcom Seinfeld and one of his well-known lines "That's gold, Jerry! Gold!"

The scene from Seinfeld can be seen here.

*Head Mart terminal - Vitas Varnas
One of the heads in the head mart terminal is for Vitas Varnas and says for his bio "A dedicated fan of Game Grumps, he opted to put his head in a jar to continue his fan support for eternity as well as his career as an actor." This is a reference to the Australian actor and occasional writer for Did You Know Gaming? Vitas Varnas who is also known as a fan of the web series Game Grumps. (post confirming it by Vitas)

Vitas also provided the voice for the character Dimmer Switch Prodigy Child in the game, and also served as a play tester.

*Head Mart terminal - Brae
The bio for the head Brae says that half of his life was spent trying to find the Neotendo game Foxy Star, a reference to the Super Nintendo game Star Fox developed by Nintendo.

*Head Mart terminal - Jim Cador
The bio for the head Jim Cador reads that he is one of the lesser known Sailor Guardians, a reference to the Sailor scouts from the Sailor Moon anime television series. He's also depicted with the same hair as the titular character of the Sailor Moon series.

*Head Mart terminal -Woodroffe L. Rudiger.
The head of Woodroffe L. Rudiger. is a reference to the conehead aliens from the Saturday Night Live sketch the Coneheads. His bio reads that he has a fondness for early underrated 90's movies, referencing The Coneheads film from 1994 which was based-off the SNL sketch. The his name is also in the same style of the character's Donald R. DeCicco who appears in the sketch.

*Head Mart terminal - Gronk
One of the heads in the Head Mart terminal, Gronk, is a reference to the YouTuber that goes by the same name.

The bio for his entry reads "While in the process of removing his head to be placed in a mecha, thugs stole his head and put it on the black market. Popular Youtuber. Very valuable, ask for a price."


Here's the YouTuber Gronk for reference.

*Hidden Code
In the Head Mart terminal, there's a small compartment which can be opened where inside can be found a hidden note with a hex code on it. When translated, the code reads "I like cheese".


Here's a Steam Community discussion talking about the code with the game's designer, Jacob Janerka, chiming in.

8. IT Support

9. Dungeon

10. Water Heater area

11. Olof's Office

1. Forrest Bridge

*Take My Breath Away
The track that plays during the forest scenes closely resembles the song "Take My Breath Away" by the American new wave band Berlin.

The scene in the game starts here.

And here's the song by Berlin for comparison.

In the background, graffiti can be seen sprayed on a rock which says "Warriors", a reference to the 1979 film of the same name.

2. Camping area

3. Highway

When you first enter the area, a white ball is seen bouncing along towards the highway exit. This is a reference to the Rover from the 1960's British television series The Prisoner.

The scene can be watched here at 31:41.

Here's a clip from The Prisoner featuring the Rover.

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