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WWF No Mercy - Undertaker's Titantron
Undertaker's Titantron was given the Raw is War theme instead of Kid Rock's American Badass due to WWF not owning the licensing to the song during the game's development. oddly enough, the "Original 4" track found in the Create-a-Superstar is a generic remake of American Badass, but the Raw is War theme was set for Undertaker's Titantron by default.

Forgot to even mention, his bike entrances don't even appear in the game at all due to the entrances being shortened in the game and Undertaker wrestling under the American Badass persona around the time.

Undertaker's Titantron in the WWF

Kid Rock's American Badass:

WWF No Mercy Undertaker's Titantron with the theme song changed to Raw is War (skip to 22:27):

Raw is War (skip to 0:23):

Original 4 theme track:

Source of Information:

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