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Deltarune Toilet Easter Egg
In Chapter 2 of Deltarune, after reaching Queen's Mansion, the player can find an activated Warp Door, which activates the previously dormant Warp Doors previously scattered throughout the Cyber World and consequently enables Kris and company to revisit earlier locations. If the player uses the Warp Door to return to and backtrack through Cyber City, they will eventually find their path blocked by an oversized toilet.

Beyond the immediate absurdist humor, there are two further layers to this Easter egg.

The first "layer" to this Easter egg is its origin: according to a tweet by Deltarune creator/director Toby Fox, the sprite was created by artist Temmie Chang after he asked her to create a toilet sprite. Due to a miscommunication, it ended up being outrageously large.
[Image: Enjf1ZyW4AMnGNi?format=png&name=orig]
Above: the image from Fox's tweet depicting the oversized toilet.

The second "layer" to this Easter egg is that it doubles as a reference to the 1994 SNES RPG EarthBound, a title which has long been an influence on Fox's work. Interacting with the toilet produces the message "(For some strange reason, a giant toilet-shaped toilet is blocking the way.)" This message nods back to the near-identical one displayed in EarthBound when checking the Iron Pencil statues, which reads "(For some weird reason, a pencil-shaped iron statue is blocking the path.)"
[Image: 42-capture_12022008_061245.png]

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