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Abe in Oddworld has nothing to do with Abe Lincoln.
Recently, you guys posted this little dooty [Image: tumblr_mpc0j50tkR1rw70wfo1_500.png]

And aside from this being really basic speculation instead of legitimate gaming trivia, it's also untrue and has been proven to be untrue.

Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning has said that Abe from the games is based on Abraham of the Old Testament. Quotes follow:

"Lanning stated that Abe was named after Abraham of the Old Testament, because of the similarities between Abe trying to discover himself and for what he believes was the difficulty in trying to determine the true source of Abraham's discovery of monotheism:

"In the Hebrew version, he was plagiarized from the first true father of monotheism, King Tut's father... and the lies and distortions of history leave us with a lump of truth so distorted, we can't find the original context any longer. Abe, in this case, was named such as a being that is trying to find out who he really is and what is it that he should really believe... So I felt Abe being such a pivotal figure in religious history (and massively represented one) was a perfect place to start for our first hero."

Just read the damn wikipedia page at least:

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