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Steam Halloween Sale
It's happened, once again folks; Valve are robbing your bank accounts.

Loads of awesome titles on sale, including Typing of the Dead and Deadly Premonition... GET IN ON THAT.

What are your favourite Halloweeny games? :D
I'm glad that I deleted my Steam account to save money... I'd have nothing left in the bank account...
Might pick up one of the Bioshock, and Fallout 3 to have on pc.
If DMC 3 was a good port, that'd be fun to do with my controller.
Binding of Isaac:1$.

I trust you know what must be done.
I might get Fallout 3 GOTY. I might just wait until the Winter sale when it will most likely also be 75% off and I'll have more money.

And for real, Binding of Isaac for $1, Wrath of the Lamb for $0.59, the soundtrack for $0.19, that's not even two dollars! Get it if you don't have it ya damn fool!
[Image: tumblr_mf71fcHGsX1qdt37bo1_400.png]

To bad Civ 5 is already occupying my time or I would have definitely got Fallout New Vegas GOTY
Finally it's happening! I've been waiting for this and went into Steam the moment I saw this thread title. Thanks Dazz, you da man.

I'm really intrigued by Typing of the Dead, especially after retrolinkx's comment in the gaming thread, and Rise of the Triad.

Right now my main focus is on Organ Trail: Director's Cut, though. Friggin' loved the free version so I'm definitely getting this, especially when it's only 2.45€

I'd also get Wolf Among Us but 2€ off isn't enough incentive for me to buy it. Still on the edge with original Amnesia, too.
Because i beat Joe danger 2 and cant find Joe danger on the PSN store i might get it on steam
All right, I got Organ Trail, Typing of the Dead and Amnesia. The rest I'll leave for future sales.

Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised that TotD:O also came with HotD:O. Didn't know that but I'm happy as I wanted to play both versions anyway :D
Can we all please buy Aliens: Colonial Marines and start a VGfacts clan with clan tags and all the accompanying crap just to screw with everyone in that putrid game?
I can't lie, I was a little bit tempted...
Anyone interested in a Natural Selection 2 clan for VGFacts?
You all best buy Typing of the Dead.

I'm don't care if you don't have the money. Make it, and buy it.
Worry not, retrolink, I will some day, very soon.

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