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Youtube but not the videos
I realize its ironic to ask a question about the videos here, but its not the contents so much as the accessibility. Are embed links on here not working for anyone else?
(03-28-2018, 08:03 AM)Psychospacecow Wrote: I realize its ironic to ask a question about the videos here, but its not the contents so much as the accessibility. Are embed links on here not working for anyone else?

They don't work for me either. EDIT: I figured it out. Instead of posting the entire URL, you should only write down the "watch" part.

Also, how exactly is your question "ironic"?
Well, its called "Youtube but not the videos" and yet we're referring to videos.
I'm just going to leave this here:

Right now, there's an active shooter attacking Youtube HQ
The shooter was indentified as Nasin Aghdam. She shoot up the place because Youtube demonitized her videos.

Eyup, that's her.
A week late to the party, but it looks like Count Dankula isn't going to jail after all.
[Image: Dbdo4VcV4AAn-Ky.jpg] (Dankula's words on the aftermath)
Ethan Klein: "The sub feed was the last place that was untouched by YouTube's "optimization". Now YT can make ur channel completely invisible even to ur own subscribers. Stop wasting our time @TeamYouTube - just erase the sub button already and show us what you want us to watch."
YouTube star John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain dies aged 33
Youtube is now enforcing an old rule preventing channels from advertising links leading to third party platforms (such as Twitch).
YouTube shifts to make new exclusive shows, movies free to users

Basically, shows that you could only watch by paying for the YouTube Premium service such as Cobra Kai and Kevin Hart: What The Fit can be viewed by everyone now.
So what do you think of this year's edition of YouTube Rewind?

I did not hate this year's YouTube Rewind. It certainly could have been better, no doubt. I dislike it, but to point of hating it? Nah.

While I know that Will Smith has a YouTube channel and that he uploaded videos for quite some time, I don't think someone like him should be the main representative of this year's YouTube Rewind, why? Because he didn't start his career on YouTube, but rather on Hollywood. It doesn't make sense. I am not saying this because I dislike the guy (quite the opposite, actually). Even if they put someone like, let's say, Doug Benson, Sarah Silverman or Terry Crews, I would still say that they don't deserve to be the main representative of an event like YouTube Rewind. Why? Because they are Hollywood actors FIRST!

It's like putting Leonardo Di'Caprio as a host for the MTV music awards. People would be like "what is he doing here? He doesn't know anything about music".

And yes I know Will jumped out of a helicopter, but still.

The best part of YT Rewind were the animators, no doubt.

As for Fortnite... I dislike that game as much as the next guy, but come on. That shit made a lot of traffic for the platform. Like it or not, it deserved to be there.

On the whole deal about the video featuring unknown YouTubers (mostly those who do not speak English)... Luisito Comunica has a grand total of 20 million subscribers, how is that unknown or irrelevant? The fact that you didn't knew about them is because of the language barrier. Simple as that.

The fact that you didn't recognize a specific English-speaking YouTuber who appeared in the video is not valid criticism. Literally everyone talks about how they only recognized Ninja and another couple of people. But guess what? I never even heard of this "Ninja" guy until now! And that's mostly because I am not interested in the type of content he makes. Same applies to all those English-speaking youtuber you probably didn't recognize.

Now with that out of the way, the biggest problem of this year's YouTube Rewind is that there's no content. Allow me to explain. You see, most of the creators didn't have something related to what they do, such as Simone Giertz, who was stripped of what made her channel enjoyable: her robots. Look at Rewind 2012 and everyone there in costume or doing something related to their channel.

Another problem I have with this year's YouTube Rewind is that they omitted various viral/important videos and happenings, such as the KSI vs Logan Paul fight and the Pewdiepie vs T-Series feud.

Huh? You are saying they weren't mentioned because of the controversies surrounding those content creators? OK then... But what about that live stream from Spaniard YouTuber Elrubius? I'm talking about the "tournament of YouTubers". That was the most watched YouTube stream in the entire year yet it was never mentioned or alluded to. Why is that?

Oh, and here's another thing. Remember that K-pop segment? That was lifted straight from a BTS song called IDOL. The group (BTS) wasn't credited at all. Shame.

So there you have it. I left my two cents on the subject.
Is it worth it to make videos for youtube(for both $ and entertainment values)? I was thinking starting next year I could show off and do some commentary videos about some of my artwork.

Well... Crap. Hopefully all those contributors have copies of their own videos.

13 years of history lost in a blink (19 if we count the pre-youtube stuff). That's scary.

Youtube is screwing over content creators, the guy in the video explains what has been going on

Youtube is studying to change or remove the dislike button

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