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Youtube but not the videos
Every time I think about it, it still doesn't make sense. Why would they do this ?

Here's another explanational video.
^I love how the first video on that guy's sub list was the same I posted a couple of comments back.

Machinima is getting on the (justified) bandwagon of google+ hate.

I do wonder if google is ever going to admit their mistake.
I'm so torn... I don't want to link my google+ account (which I apparently already have, never opted for anything) with my YouTube account because I know it will screw up my channel and I don't want to go through that again. Is it not enough I have both? Why do I have to link them? How does that even make sense?

Oh, and this was linked to me on Facebook.
[Image: 998301_564806566929422_1820653014_n.jpg]
Is anyone else having error 500s?
Yes. A looooot of them. Like, 3/4 of the videos I see. Those daggon highly trained monkeys aren't doing so hot!
Just as I was going to do some Dark Stalkers trivia, The whole site goes to a 500 screen.
I wonder if its being attacked. There's certainly enough angry people to warrant a group to pull something stupid.
I'm already getting 404s whenever I type in youtube. Since one of the creators of youtube has openly admitted that the new upgrade sucks, when are the odds of youtube switching back to the way it was?
Unlikely, a lot would have gone into the decision to make this change. A lot more will be needed to make a few bureaucrats admit their idea was bad.
Youtube has already burned enough bridges to the point where they can't go back unless if they have a spare boat to cross the ash of the bridges they burned. What else can't they do to get themselves out of trouble only to land back into it? They are already in a pickle that has been thrown into hot water enough as it is. Heck. The petition that has been made to change back youtube has negativity WAY up in flames of smoke.
The petition is going to do nothing. Google has actually been banning people openly supporting the petition on YT from their site.
I've been getting 500 on almost every single video.

Also, i've been going to a playlist (say I want to watch a walkthrough) and i'll click the first video. I get a 30 second commercial, then the video will play for a few seconds, then it will automatically go to the next video and start with ANOTHER GODDAMN 30 second commercial. Then that video will only play a few seconds, then it will automatically go to the third fucking video with another piece of shit commercial... etc.. etc... anger rising...

WHY would a site FORCE their users to do NUMEROUS things that they despise? Several highly subscribed youtubers have said how much they hate it. Several of us have said how much we hate it. If I were a company, I would listen to my users/clients/customers/whatever.
For some reason when I'm watching videos on my PS3 (which has thus far been the most reliable way) the videos keep crashing. This has never happened before. I'm assuming it has something to do with the same problem my friend has been having on the browser version and that is the video player not knowing what quality to use so it keeps skipping between them all until the player crashes. Now, it's not that much of a deal in browser when you can set your preferred quality (though you have to do this for every video seperately without Magic Actions) while on PS3 (and I'm assuming 360 and mobile) you can't. So this just ends up with a crashed video, all the time. Annoying as hell and I do have a good internet connection so it can't be because of that.

On, and skipping also seems to poop everything up.
You guys are talking like you don't have adblock.

Oh, and I just cant into youtube now. I can't comment, I can't view any comments replying to me, I just can't into youtube anymore, even watching videos is a drag.

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