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Chrono Trigger Trivia
There's currently a bit of trivia on the site that says that the art for the game was adapted from beta screenshots.

A) A snow area with these enemies was later added to the DS version of the game, retroactively making that area a reference to the cover, which is a reference to the beta screen. Can we update this somehow to include that? If so, can we find a DS screenshot to include? (I searched and couldn't find one.)

B) Can we find the scenes the other art is based on? I know the "Frog tripping" picture is from one of the endings and Ayla on the Dactyl is still in the game as well. Are the others? Is there beta info that lines up with any of the art?
Well, you get that concept art Akira Toriyama did which is the same scene as the beta screen when you buy a new copy of Chrono Trigger.

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