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Any PC Gamers out there?
Hey ya'll!
Just wondering if anyone out there is a PC gamer. What do you like to play and do any of you use Steam?
You're looking for this.
I own a PC and tons of games on Steam, however my computer is kinda crappy and I can't run most of my beloved Steam games, which is a shame. I have so many Steam games which I haven't even touched yet.
I'm a fairly prolific PC gamer. I built a custom PC a few years ago and have been enjoying steam games ever since. Probably going to look into an upgrade soon.
Quote: I have so many Steam games which I haven't even touched yet.
I know that feeling. I buy lots of stuff in the Steam sales because it's cheap, and then never play it :P
I PC game a good bit, but I don't do a whole multiplayer thing; not that I don't want to but that most of my friends either are not interested in the games I want to co-op/multiplayer/etc. or they prefer to play League of Legends than anything else. (And I don't like LOL as much as them.)
Yes! Currently playing Rayman Origins on steam and the new expansion for Starcraft 2 which came out a few days ago.

So far both of them have been really good, though SC2HotS starts out pretty emotionally and was pretty sad. (Not that it's a bad thing)

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