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COD:MW2 referencing COD:BO?

Quote:NOVA gas stations can be found in the mission "Wolverines!", and several multiplayer maps. This likely is a callback to the NOVA gas grenade in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and the Nova-6 neurotoxin, which is a major plot device in the Black Ops campaign mode.

Wait, how can Modern Warfare 2 callback Black Ops? Black Ops was released after Modern Warfare 2. I guess it could do the Pixar thing and put a reference to the next game in the game, but MW2 was made by Infinity Ward, and BO was made by Treyarch, so they probably couldn't have known what the others were doing.
He's got a point. BO could have just taken the coincidence and re-purposed it. Were these barrels mentioned in world at war or mw 1?

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