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Away In Japan.
I will be away this week in Japan for VGFacts and DYKG. I am currently not allowed to tell you why, but all will be revealed in a day or two.

Until then, take it easy folks!
Geez, I already can't handle the suspense. GAH!

Have a good time, trusted leader! Ok, that sounds slightly awkward...
If you experience disorientation, check your G-Diffuser. You should know that ;) Might have to check the archives to see if "Trusted Leader" is a valid title.

Dazz, however, should probably leave that to the actual crew, if he's just a passenger. He's too busy doing awesome stuff for the site to fly a plane anyway. Or should be!

Me, I'm just going to talk about him like he's not here. And maybe get some work done on the site, before sleep overtakes me. Assuming I can pull myself away from watching TAS videos...
See ya! Word of advice: Don't mess with a guy called DK, he's connected to the Yakuza.
See you then sir. Take photos while you're there!
Hope you enjoy it there!

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