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That Awkward Moment...
Tell us of some awkward moments you've had, if you'd like. But, by all means, do not post if it made a situation if you're not comfortable posting it. We understand that sometimes **it hits the fan or it was just a bad idea.

So, I took my daughter to my ex-wife's house and her step son was playing Skyrim. He was....somewhere in someone's cellar mixing stuff up. After he made a few items, one being a potion, I asked if he could make meth. I completely forgot that his cousin, who was sitting on the couch, had been arrested for meth. Everyone laughed. My laughter was the shortest when I realized he was there.
*Shouting out loud*
OH HEY [insert name]...wait, you're not [insert name]. Awwwkward.
Once, I was in a class at college entitled Kinesiology, which is basically the study of human movement.
One of my homework assignments was reviewing exercise videos, list the correct names for all the motions involved at every joint (get way more complex than just bend this or that) and all the muscles used. We all had picture sets upon picture sets of these things with a similar goal. I don't know where the prof got his sources for these photos, but it only ever had guys, and they never had more than speedos on. Heck, sometimes nothing on.

So, I'm doing my homework. I was doing it in the quiet section of the university library, in my own little cubicle (not general public view). Someone walking by that was poking into people's personal space got a quick glimpse of my homework and starts shouting "Dude, this guy's looking up gay porn in the library!"
Just try explaining yourself in that situation, no matter how legitimate of a reason you have.

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