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Game sales galore!
Made this thread for people to give others a heads up if there are some cool sales going on on Steam and whenever a bigger sale begins.

At the moment there's a Square Enix sale going on. It's kind of cheating since most of the games on there are only published, not developed by Square.

Everything is 60-76% off with great packs like Tomb Raiden, 2013, GOTY edition (all DLC included), Tomb Raider Collection with every single TR PC release on it, Just Cause Collection (JC & JC2+DLC), Sleeping Dogs with all DLC and Hitman Collection (4 games) all for 75% off in addition to the Legacy of Kain collection (4 games) being 60% off and a couple of other games too.

Sadly no actual Square franchises are on there like Final Fantasy but still, great deals all around.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll ignore all of that and go buy Pool Nation for 2,69€

Scratch that, I'll be taking that original TR for 1,74€ too.
I heartily recommend the Hitman games, fantastic series.
Today's the last day of Activision Weekend so if you haven't checked the sales, now's your last chance.
Guys, Guns of Icarus is an amazing game, and it's less than four dollars on Steam right now.
Steam Linkle

Seriously Though, go buy that sh*t.
Bohemia Interactive turned 15 years, all their games are on sale. That means every single Arma and, of course, DayZ, even if that one is only 15% off.

Got Darksouls and witcher 2, waiting for a nice price drop for dark souls 2.
If anything goes lower than .49 cents, let me know.
Maybe this can happen again :P
[Image: steam-bug_o_545341.jpg]
Worms Reloaded GOTY Edition for a lower price than the regular game? Yes please!
To the Moon for 2,39€ yeah.
If you wanted to get spore before, all of it is 75% off, dlc and such included in that.

Also, The Witcher 1 is currently 2 dollars.
I suggest getting Game Dev Tycoon which is on the daily deals. Its a ton of fun and goes for a great price only 15 hours until the sale is gone
I second the recommendation for Game Dev Tycoon. It's very fun, it's not the most tycoon-y tycoon game, but it's definitely my favorite tycoon game.
I, too, bought Dark Souls 1. I also bought Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater. On Origin I bought the Mass Effect trilogy.
Sims 3 is 66% off right now, so if you want the collective series, you only have to spend $146 dollars + tax.
...The Sims got expensive.

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