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Table of Contents?
[Image: gw5jjKN.png]
Just a random thought I had.

Some of the larger sections might benefit from a table of contents to help organize the trivia so they're easier to read through or if they want to quickly find something(s) specific.

Of course there's the downside of the hours needed to title each entry.
I second this!
Hours? It would be weeks, if not months, of solid work...

edit: Sorry if I came across as snappy, I didn't intend to be. I had considered a feature like this previously, but due to the time that would have to be put into implementing it, I didn't see it as a feasible option. It would increase the work load dramatically to not only add titles to every piece of trivia already on the site, but also every piece of trivia going up in the future.
While most of the trivia pages on the site currently only have a few entries, I can see how some of them could get rather long. I don't really think a table of contents would really help though -- entries tend to be only a few sentences, so you're not summarizing the information very much, and as Dazz said, it would take a lot of effort to title each entry. There's still a ton of cleanup work to do on the site, which I'm slowly chipping away at, and that submission queue is still hanging over our heads. It's good that we've got so much trivia coming in, but we really don't need any new tasks on top of that.

How about adding the ability to filter each of the pages by tags, like you can already do on the All Trivia page? Petie might have to chime in on how much work that would take to implement, and what effects it might have on server performance.

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