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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon intro joke
I'm just gonna put this here because I need a permalink source. :P

Exhibit A: Screenshot from the intro to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.
[Image: FC3_ExhibitA.jpg]

Exhibit B: Skyline photo of Toronto, Ontario.
[Image: FC3_ExhibitB.jpg]
(Photo credit: unknown. I'll look that up.)

My Claim: They're the same city! The skyline has been flipped horizontally in the game, and some details appear slightly different because it's clearly a pixel-sketch, and there are many angles that a reference photo could be taken from; the above photo is the closest I could find.

Also of note: Blood Dragon was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Montreal and Toronto are geographically close, and considered "rival" cities in a friendly sense (sports teams, schools, language, culture, etc.). The fact that Toronto is being nuked in the game is likely a joke.

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