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Favorite Pokemon Starter
For Red I used to always pick Squirtle but I ended up switching to Charmander and using a Vaporeon instead for my water type.

For Gold/HeartGold I go with Totodile since that little dude ends up being such a terrific Pokemon and, since I had to keep my regular DS since the 3DS won't let me play my other region games, I ended up bringing over a Charmander to have as my fire type.

Other than those games... I don't really care since I ended up losing interest in Pokemon. I think Swampert is one of the water starters for a version and is awesome since Electric attacks don't hurt him? I don't really remember... Just my opinion, but I really think HeartGold/SouldSilver would've been perfect Pokemon games if they hadn't gotten lazy. They totally could've fleshed out returning to Kanto more. You just speed through that part once you reach it.
Well, in the three games I played, I tried the three different types.


No regrets !
Piplup, Mudkip, or Totodile. I honestly can't choose.
Eh, I don't really like ranking starters.
That being said, Charmander.

Deal with it.
[Image: l.jpg]
Totodile tears Johto apart, especially early game.
I'm pretty sure that no other starters even come close to the usefulness of Totodile in gen 2.

Mudkip was pretty good though, since he becomes bulky enough to fight pretty much anything that isn't grass type.
Torchic is my favorite because I love fire types and Torchic evolves into a really good Pokemon. Also, it's very useful for the beginning 3 gyms.

On a related note, sometimes I nickname my Torchic, "KFC" just because it looks like a chicken.
Piplup is my favourite. You can't deny the regalness of Empoleon.
It was Charmander for me, my very first Pokemon. Since then I always picked fire types.

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