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The Soundtrack of Your Life
Pretty easy - we all know how music is incorporated in movies for dramatic effects, suspense, etc. So, what music would you have playing in certain events of your life, as if you had speakers following your every step and a DJ without a unlimited library of music? Perhaps, it's part of your aura.
Come on, we've all thought about this.

I'll go first.
When I drop dead, I would have the violin music followed by the accompanying agency music from Crackdown 2 in the event of your many deaths.
I imagine walking through my house and just falling over then the entire house is filled with that drawn out sites of violin strokes and I like to picture my wife's face when she is weirded out thinking "what the hell just happened?".
Note: I've edited this four times to try to put the full effect of what I'm describing. My thoughts work better than my words.
My life is hard to live.
Nice. Makes me think of my friend Majok who came to the US from Sudan.

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