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Last game you beat
I decided to jump back into the Call of Duty franchise to give it a second try. The catch was that I was going to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition on the Wii. If I can be frank, I went in expecting to hate this game, find it boring and hard to control, get through maybe the first level and give up on it. Low and behold, the Wii version is very good and plays just like the 360/PS3 version. Of course, there's the fact that the Wii can't handle the high poly count the 360 can and the game plays at like 30 FPS vs the 60 everywhere else, but I didn't notice a difference with the performance while playing and the only time I noticed the low poly count was when looking at humans (which in a game that is fast paced, will probably get you killed) and a few times when the environment took time to load. The controls, which is what made hesitant to play this version, are well tuned for the system in mind and could be one of the better ways to play the game. I would still say that the other versions are the best way to play Modern Warfare, but this is still a solid 7-8/10.
I finished the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy. Overall, it basically burned me out and I haven't touched the Switch because I needed a break.

Hopped on to the 3DS, and beaten the first Ace Attorney game from the Trilogy that had. I always wanted to checked it out and I am on the second game in the series. Also playing Super Castlevania 4 and I am just loving how in control of my whip. Such a great contrast to Bandicoot level design.
Finished Super Castlevania 4.

So f*c king good, hands down. Block B-1 might just be my favorite level from the SNES Era. 

Finished up with Ace Attorney Trilogy.

For the most part, it was pretty good. I can see why people love this series. However, I don't really fall into that crowd.

To be nitpicky, I didn't like the contrived solutions to the final cases and the overabundance of Maya being accused of murder really annoyed me. I enjoyed the cases that involved characters like Ini Miney, MaskdeMasque, or the waitress/Tigre. Just out there characters that expands on how the cases are more like their own worlds.

Also, the investigations are pretty exhausting and my least favorite sections of these games.
Beat the original Life is Strange. There are times that I look at someone's trophies and wonder why someone dropped it. This one I can understand. This is a very slow game with some exciting bits thrown in periodically. It's mostly about Max's school life and reconnecting with her best friend after five years of no contact and time powers and a missing persons investigation are involved. It's mostly about the story and the more exciting bits don't come until episode 4 IMO. That's fine though. The characters and the backgrounds of everything was still enough to keep me hooked on to see how everything played out.
I love how not easy the real decisions are. You can choose to shoot someone only to find out the gun has no bullets and piss off the person or you can choose not to shoot and get the gun stolen. You can choose to steal money to help Chloe out of her debt or not because stealing is wrong. You can report the student with the gun to the principle or not because said student has a very powerful family name and nothing will be done about it. The big difference between this and something like The Walking Dead is that you are actually effecting the story instead of giving me the illusion of choice because your going to kill off both characters anyway. I'm pretty sure I skiped a few puzzles because I wanted to be the best person I could.

Ok. Now for the part that will get everything I say discredited. I really don't like how this game looks. It tries to go for a cel shaded realistic look and it makes everything look really ugly. Max's hair looks like it's made out of playdough and moves similarly. A lot of the clothes look like they were just modeled onto the characters without any idea of how they should realistically move. The water color pictures are either very creative or very ugly, without any in between. I'm willing to say it's just the PS4 version that makes everything look bad, but I can't imagine that it would look too much better on the PS3.

That being said, solid game. It took me until Episode 4 to really get into it, but I've never really been into mellow drama teen shit in the first place. Probably the first role that I think Ashly Burch did a great job on and didn't sound like Hey Ash, herself, a bad Rise impression, or like she was bored. The first episode is free, so might as well try it out if you haven't.
Finally got around to beating Castlevania Rondo of Blood(It's available on the PS4) since I am still high from that Castlevania show.

The soundtrack is killer, The levels is pretty easy once you get the pattern down but the bosses is straight up brutal. Love the callback to the classic bosses from the NES. 

Another thing is that apparently you have to save 4 Woman but I didn't even knew that was a thing and save just the two. 

Overall, a Perfect Score out of Belmonts Struts because nothing beats making Dracula your b*tch.
Final Fantasy 13, a few moments ago.

Boy that game sucked, gameplay was awful, story was nonsensical, half the cast was annoying (well, to be fair, they did redeem themselves bar one), cutscenes were abysmal half the time, awful script and uh well, that's about it.

Everything else about the game was fucking great, it had amazing environments, an amazing cast (bar half) and of course INCREDIBLE MUSIC.

I was legit blown away by the set pieces and music in this game, it was such a shame they fucked with everything else because they were the best part of the game.

My favourite moment happened in Chapter 8 when two characters (both my favourites, since they're upbeat and fun characters in this world) decide they're going to do the opposite of Lightning (which was to follow her Focus and destroy Cocoon (long story)) but anyhow they decide to go to Nautilus, which was a city that had a theme park in it and a majority of the chapter is just running around a theme park trying to forget their troubles.

Then suddenly, you're running around a Chocobo Zoo and it's a very cute and wholesome experience and out of nowhere the small chocobo chick you have flies away into the other Chocobo's and you have to find it, while this amazing song plays.

It honestly put the biggest smile on my face, it was such a fucking cool moment and the best part of the game in my eyes, you were just getting bombarded with so much audio and visuals it was incredible. The scene in question

Such a shame a majority of the game was bad though, gameplay is awful and boring so I skipped many fights, big mistake since it meant I was stuck grinding for 3-5 hours to level everyone back up.

Now I've just got FF15 to finish and I'll have finished all mainline, non sequel, non mmo Final Fantasy games in under a year.
Finished Travis Strikes Again on Co-Op with my Brother and I liked it overall. It was very artsy and the gameplay is a mixed bag and would've been infinitely better if they took away the cooldown mechanic for most of the equipped skills.

Really enjoyed the writing and I did find the Travis Strikes Back scenerios to be compelling.
Happy to say that I have finally finished Tales of Vesperia.

I liked it overall and can see why it is considered the best in the series. Yuri hands down is an absolute savage with what he goes thru and the character skits is a main highlight for me. The Sidequest sucks and are easily missable(meaning that they are timed events and once you miss them, you cannot do them) unless you look up the guides on how to do them and even then the rewards is lackluster , which is pretty stupid for a JRPG.
I recently finished Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call - there's nothing quite like a good puzzle game!

I do find myself replaying other levels in other games though - and I replay songs on Dance Dance Revolution every so often.
Not necessarily 'beat' it but I replayed Just Dance for the first time in goodness knows how long.

I also technically beat DDR Hottest Party 5 (in the sense that I've unlocked everything - but I don't think I'll get a full combo on every song - just look up Valkyrie Dimension on Challenge and you'll see why!)
Today I beat the Famicom version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. Yeah, it was fun. Like I said this was the Famicom version so I didn't understand a few things about the story. I had to read a summary in order to fully understand. Still, if you have some knowledge of Double Dragon before playing this game then understanding the story shouldn't be that difficult.

From what I read the Famicom version is easier than the NES version in certain ways. For example, the Famicom version allows the entire game to be played on any difficulty setting, whereas the NES version restricts the game's length based on the level chosen. Also, the NES version requires the player to input a cheat code at the game over screen to continue the game at the previous stage, while the Famicom version gives this option as a standard feature. I can confirm that the standard save feature helped me on beating the game faster.

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