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Earthbound Onett Arcade games (Solved, I guess)
EDIT: This can be moved elsewhere, if needed.
No longer really a mystery, the third Arcade machine is just a generic placeholder that can be found in other places in the game. Only the Donkey Kong and Space Invaders ones can be found at Onett Arcade.

Was also wrong about it being Breakout, as Itoi mentioned it being Space Invaders. (and not Galaga, as much as it looks more like.)

Anyways, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders can be found at Onett Arcade.

[Image: be3XtoJ.png]

The third is really nothing in particular, as it can be found elsewhere with different palettes.
[Image: FbD5z7d.png]
I don't seem to recognize it from anywhere, but all the machines say "STAIR" on them.
Is that anything?

Also the begining of the level theme for the game Xevious is mixed in with the theme for the arcade.
That looks like Bomb Jack

Apparently Shigesato Itoi did a stream playing the game and commented about the arcade cabinets, mentioning Donkey Kong and Space Invaders, so I was wrong about Breakout. (looks more like Galaga to me though.)

STILL no mention about the unknown, though. The best I've heard from other people is City Connection, in the Switzerland level.
[Image: O0x7JwA.png]

Or it just might be nothing at all.
I was thinking it was Mappy Land

[Image: Mappy-Land-NES-Gameplay-Screenshot-10.jpg]
Yeah, looks like it's just "generic arcade game" stuff, with the Donkey Kong and Space Invaders being only found in the Onett Arcade. Twoson and Fourside Department stores have arcade machines, but only of the "unknown" one. Mystery solved I guess.

[Image: FbD5z7d.png]

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