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It's happening again.
I've had to turn Adblocker on just to post this -- The whole advert-redirects-the-page thing is happening again.

Every page I open is fine until the advert loads, then it sends me to a fake adobe site that wants me to update my flash player.

Any advice ?

I haven't been able to get a link of the redirecting advert, as it pops up a little message that you can't avoid. It's already tried downloading a file twice (and been blocked by my anti-virus).
Dazz and I talked about this today and while I was going to post an actual thread to announce it, this will do just fine.

Due to the low-earning nature of the display ads on the site (and even less so with all of these malicious ads appearing recently), we have decided to, at least for now, globally turn off ads across the entire site. So, truly add-free browsing without the need for ad blockers!

And on that note, you should now turn off any ad blocker for VGFacts since it has a tendency to mess with other aspects of the site and there are no longer any actual ads to block.

As always, feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggestions here!
No ads? Yesssssssssssssssss
Just so you're all aware, this is a temporary solution. As you can imagine, with no ads, it renders the time we work on the site as non-earning.

Since we maintain this site on a 0-budget anyway, we are able to do this temporarily. However, it means that the time we spend dealing with trivia is wasted time from a company stand-point.

We are looking to improve the standards of the site, and increase usability from the frontpage. As you can imagine, we have a lot of work to do and designs to consider. We aren't sure how we will move forward at this point, but we need to make a viable advertising solution work for us.
I don't know how viable this is, and I'm only really thinking about it since you were invited to see that Metal Gear thing a while back, but you guys have a big publicity stick right now. Maybe you could get direct equivalents to ads instead of targeted ones, like an ad to GoG/Steam store/Humble Bundle? I mean, this is a gaming website and there's bound to be game distributors that would enjoy always having a link to their website right there at all times.

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