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Shameless Self Promotion
I made a facebook page you guys can "like". That would be rad.
I do feel shameful, but here's my tumblr:

Check it out if you're interested in occasional updates related to video games, anime, and working out.
I only got my Youtube channel to promote, so check it out and tell me waht you think, yes?

Hey guys I'm restarting my old let's play show, QualityLive! and if you're interested you should definitely check it out. I think I'm going to be playing live on Saturdays at 10:30 and hopefully uploading a 10-20 minute video to Youtube on Mondays and Wednesdays. We're currently on the Wind Waker, so check it out maybe?

I made a riff on that old star fox 64 promo video. Go ahead and watch.

Got a handful of remixed video game tunes and a video of an art project I did a few years back. I plan on adding some other types of vids in the future.
Just so you know, we have a self promotion thread:

Also, please don't post the same message promoting your stuff in multiple threads as it gets spammy; that's why I deleted the message you had in the video game youtube thread since it was the same as this one.
I'm trying to figure out if I have the ability to merge threads, not just move them, so you wouldn't have to. Can another Mod or Admin please help me out?
Clicked buttons, Merged threads, Saw the light, etc, etc.
(08-23-2013, 12:36 AM)SERIOUSLY THOUGH Wrote: Clicked buttons, Merged threads, Saw the light, etc, etc.

Could you please PM me and tell you how you did that? I feel a bit dumb now. ><
Stealth action games are usually a tough one to get right. Some games usually can get them done correctly, while others can't. And for those games that haven't been able to successfully get the formula done right, they are left wondering just why exactly they couldn't get their game to be as good as certain other Stealth focused games. The Stealth genre itself is a different thing altogether, seeing as how it is counter-intuitive when compares to how other games are meant to be played in terms of movement, abilities, and engaging with the enemies or environments.

In this video, you'll see why exactly the Metal Gear Solid series is so good, and how it contains the right recipe for a good stealth action game, and why some other games may not have the right ingredients for a good stealth action sequence. The stealth genre has been, and continues to be a great mystery to some game developers. The genre may be somewhat dying and getting easier, but many people today still remember the true hardcore stealth games of the golden days. Back when patience, cunning, and technique were all important to us, rather than who had the biggest guns/muscles, and who could make the biggest, most raddest combos and explosions.

You've seen these.
I made the final video to my Top 30 for DKC soundtracks (finally). Give it a looky look.

It only took me forever to make it, lol.
My Maui Mallard Let's Play has kicked off. Here's a link to the SA thread.

(As of posting this the paywall is down.)

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