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So what exactly do you guys do on the internet?
I've noticed that out of all my tabs I currently have open, all I ever do is browse and refresh all of them until something interesting happens.

I've got VGfacts, youtube, facebook and a few other forums open up and all I do is just browse and refresh them from time to time.

I never noticed but it's pretty boring and I have nothing to do right now except for make this topic so I'm wondering.

I sometimes go on Cracked to read random articles when I get bored, sure it's not great but I don't mind reading about how Humans are retarded in 5 different way and we're never going to change.

I also look over some of the things I've bookmarked over the months to remind myself why I bookmarked them in the first place.

What do you guys do on the internet to keep you occupied, what do you browse besides your main links?
Look at porn.

Depending on how my work schedule was, I'm sometimes wasting most of a day catching up with Youtube videos.

I check out My Figure Collection, Tumblr, Reddit, eBay, AmiAmi, and this site of course.

I use to see if some webcomics were updated, but I've lost steam with that because they don't do it enough.

Oh, and sometimes I'll try and watch an anime.

That's about it.
My internet activity is mostly:

Check VGfacts forum almost exclusively when i visit VGFacts site. I feel that VGFacts itself has gotten a bit overwhelming and kind of stripped away the awe vibe that it use to have.

YouTube. As of late, have been watching scary videos since it's October.

News site which either consist of games or movies but on occasion real life news.

A daily dose of Dorkly outing since I can't go a day without their excellent humor.

On my toolbar I have Amazon, The Backloggery, Facebook, Swagbucks, Blip, Youtube and here.

I keep myself busy with Youtube keeping up on LPers, Reviews, and both Stephen Georg and Josh Jepson's Vlogs.

I play a few Facebook games.

Looking at it now I really don't do much on the internet. It's mostly to have something to listen to when playing games since my CD player is not working.
^Hex, you of all people know the internet is for porn, :)

This site ofcourse, Amazon, IGN, Rev3Games sometimes but now that Adam Sessler quit there I've been looking at it sporadically.

Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, email. Sometimes Shirt.Woot if I feel the need to get a new geek/nerd centric shirt. Like Hex said, some webcomics but now I'm looking at them on a monthly basis just because they sometimes put in filler pages for a while and I'd rather not waste my time waiting each day for a new one on the current arc but only get a filler page because they went to some Con or travelled or just because.

Oh and I used to visit my Library's website to place holds on books I want to read. Not so much these days, I've either read all the ones I wanted to read or not enough time to invest into a new book series or reread an old one.
Facebook, Youtube, here, sometimes I'll look up random stuff on amazon, browse imgur, check on my store, go on dorkly, watch a few people on twitch, this :

I've also got school stuff, a few game guides and I like to check in on DeviantArt and GameSprout every once and a while, see if anything's changed. Recently, there really hasn't been any other than DA's new layout.
Catching up on my YT subscriptions, watching streams on Twitch when someone I follow goes online, admin around Resident Evil Forums, check here almost every hour or so, watch some random anime/cartoon, check ScrewAttack and Rely on Horror for my daily gaming news, chat with people on Facebook and recently I've started following people on DeviantArt again.

Sometimes I upload things to YouTube, sometimes I play games online and since it is October right now I'm writing my yearly horror blog on ScrewAttack.

I really should get back to Tumblr.

Oh yeah, I also scour the internet for things to buy. If you've followed the Going Bankrupt thread you know I put a lot of my money on random things.
Usually catch up on the massive amount of Youtube subscriptions I have, check out Reddit, read new wrestling article, check what's up on the VGFacts forums and most of the time I'm on Twitter. When I get really bored I used to chat on Omegle until I figured out having conversations with CleverBot is much better.
I read manga. Watch anime.
Check video games websites, be angry at them for spoiling me in a title (yeah I am like that) .
Go on Reddit, I like to go on /r/nosleep before sleeping because there are nice little stories to read, or /r/tifu sometimes but I laugh a lot and don't want to wake up girlfriend.
I like to read some Cracked articles sometimes.
I like to see that: (it's in French but... The important part is what you see) .
I check this forum and DYKG.
I use the Internet for my studies too. I go to Facebook too to see what my classmates say in a group (in case they share sometimes useful for my studies etc.) ...
I go to websites like Play-Asia but I have no money so errr I am sad. TOMOPOP too, I am always sad when I go there.

But most of the time I am just "Errr what to dooo..." !
My tabs:
(I only visit VGFacts until I've read through the latest posts)
After that it's generally tabs with stuff I need to catch up on, random lectures to listen to, world news. Fortunately I don't have a Facebook or Twitter either so I don't have that distraction up. 

Usually I have Incognito open (usually around 15 tabs) which all contain various forms of porn. 
I'm... a 9gag addict. I don't just browse the Hot and Trending pages, I spend all my time in the deplorable "Fresh" section downvoting all that is poor and unfunny! I DOWNVOTE EVERY BLASTED SEAL MEME THAT DARES APPEAR ON MY SCREEN!

Also, VGFacts, SpeedDemoArchives/forums. I watch youtube for music and speedruns.
Pretty much all of this;
[Image: ei0oN61.png]

Plus IRC stuff as well.
Facebook, Twitter, Emails, VGfacts, Updating my own site for Sierra, Music and looking for houses to buy. Oh.. And internet banking. All of the billlsssss.
I'm usually just using Skype, Telegram and Facebook to talk to friends. :)
Let me sit you down child and describe to you, The Process®

1. Open Chrome
2. Open Reddit, Facebook, Gmail, and Youtube in that order.
3. Check Youtube for HILARIOUS Let's Minceraft episodes from Tobypie/Watch any videos that look interesting.
4. Check Reddit for any HILARIOUS torture porn/interesting links.
5. Briefly check Gmail and Facebook to see if anything interesting happened in my life.
6. Cry deeply about the fact that nothing interesting happened in my life.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for two hours.
8. Repeat step 6 for 2-6 years.
(10-23-2014, 03:05 PM)Hexadecimal Wrote: Look at porn.


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