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(Feedback/Etc) Top Five Star Trek?
So I want to try to compile a good Top Five list, and I'm going with a theme of Star Trek.

I want to hear what the rest of the site would like to see, and perhaps see if anything new can be found.
I'm also aiming for just one game from the series, meaning I don't want to just dump 5 Fallout pieces, despite how chock full of Star Trek it is.

Dazz threw the first one down already, from Borderlands 2;   
Duke Nukem 3D:   
GoldenEye 007: 
World of Warcraft: 
And to get the Fallout specific ones already on the site out of the way;  
I thought we weren't supposed to reveal these outside pms.

Regardless, if I see Picard in a game, I'll let ya know.
Nah, they can be worked out together if we want that community feeling.
But on that note, there is a good link here for this...
Ones of note that are pretty good:
In World of Warcraft, teleporter operators are named after Star Trek characters who handled teleportation. Namely:
Scooty (Named after Scotty), Jhordy Lapforge (named after Geordi La Forge) and Smiles O'Byron (Named after Miles "Smiley"

In Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time, a level is named "Starbase: Where No Turtle has gone Before" and operates in the future year of 2100 where enemies use teleportation pads similar to Star Trek.

In Spongebob: Battle For Bikini Bottom, Mermaid Man screams PRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNN in the same manner Captain Kirk screams KHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNN. It's even done in the same camera angle as the Star Trek Scene.

On a similar note, the Joker will imitate Kirk and yell KHHHHHHHHHHAAAAANNNN upon finding out about Dark Khan inMortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe.

Duke Nukem 3D has multiple references to Star Trek in it. Of note, the level "Warp Factor" is a homage to Enterprise-D of Star Trek:The Next Generation, the level Tiberius Station is named after Captain Kirk's full name (James Tiberius Kirk). Also in the Expansion pack released entitled Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach, Duke Nukem travels on a boat named the Kobayashi Maru, a fictional test in the Star Trek universe that Capt Kirk passed (and the only person to do so, as the test was designed to make a person fail and really test how the person deals with failure).

Edit: I don't think any of these are trivia yet if someone wants to submit these.
I certainly like the WoW one the most out of those, as looking further into it there's a ton of character names from it.

I'll try to write-up something for that one right now.

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