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How do think about games?
This thought came to me while reading the thread talking about features that should be in very game. When I posted in it, I thought mechanics and couldn't come up with a proper answer because I can't think of any mechanics that should be in every game, yet everyone else was talking about actual features like difficulty settings and the like. It could be that I just missed the point while everyone was on it and yet it could also be that my way of thinking just brought me to that based on me watching things like Extra credits, game theory and also reading articles about mechanics that work and don't work in some games, or even at all, as opposed to ones that work in many different games. I might also just think like a developer. I think when it comes to games, I think more about how their made, rather than what features outside of mechanics make it work. So having said that, I wonder where everyone else's mind is when they initially think about gaming.  
One of the things I look for in some games is replay value and if there is any creativity in it.
I like being able to build stuff in Minecraft and I can always build new stuff. Recently, I've started doing video game sprites along with just building random stuff with my daughter. I can always build more stuff and that brings me back to it.
As for creativity, Minecraft falls in that category. But, another feature of creativity I like is create-a-character. You better believe that when I'm playing a WWE game, my brother and I are a tag team. When I'm playing American football, usual collegiate, I'll create a team just so they can wear awesome uniforms and I'll be playing. Or I'll find a way to play for the University of Tennessee. NBA? I'll create a nightmare for the 1992 Olympic "Dream Team" (but, I did find out my favorite team on NBA 2K14 is the Olymiacos Piraeus B.C.).
For me personally, it's a learning experience. [pretentious dick post incoming]
Eh, I just like how, much like sport, you can develop a skill and improve upon. The only problem I had with sport was that I wanted something based on being an individual player and using the more intellectual side of thinking. It's why I like indepth mechanics of games.
I've spent years and hundreds of hours in many different areas of gaming just so can confidently play and discuss them as a result I think I have a more broader appeal to gaming.
For example:
The mechanics and systems of all fighting games: Marvel Street Fighter, Tekken, Skullgirls, Killer Instinct etc
Speedrunning Sonic The Hedgehog and Resident Evil games
Hack and Slash/Spectacle fighters like DMC, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden and Metal Gear Rising
Sh'umps/Bullet Hell shooters like Dodonpachi, DeathSmiles, Ikaruga
Racing games: Sonic All stars racing, Burnout etc
Glitch hunting: One of the best ways to study how a game works.

There's more but I can't think of them right now. All of the mentioned above (and more) I enjoy studying. I'll happily put 100 hours into Sonic Generations and then go back to Resident Evil 5: Mercs, then maybe practice Bayonetta or just casual sessions of KI. I like the high execution and hard to master games. Difficult games are a personal motivation to constantly improve which is why I value games like Ninja Gaiden/Ikaruga. Incredible games that're fun (I don't find the Souls games, hard, sorry guys).

and I admit, sometimes I just wanna play a sexy English witch who can summon demon frogs from her hair.
I uh... I like gaming. It's like a hobby to me. A really expensive, life consuming hobby.
I like games that let you explore the crap out of a place. Which is why I like Skyrim so much or any game like that, that lets you not only go on adventures and beat up bad guys, save some people, but also explore mountains, forests and caves.

You can also burn down villages, steal from kids and adults too, and be an all around douchey mcdouchebag to everyone you cross paths with. So I guess I like a game that gives you a wide variety of ways to play the same scenario and coming up with different solutions to it. Look at Batman Arkham games. You get tons of areas where you have to take out a room full of thugs and other bad guys and you can either stealth the shit out of them, or go head on with each one. Or a little of both. The choices of how to play a game is up to you.

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