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Geeky, computery stuff
Thought this was worth a shot. Discuss any and all computer related woes and problems, hype the latest graphics card or just talk about different programs you use. I just got my new computer built a few days ago so I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss. Have you guys built your own computers? What kind of computers do you have in the first place?

Fitting my graphics card in my old computer case was a real pain. It still had a place for a disk drive, which I obviously don't even have, so me and my buddy had to manhandle that thing to submission so we could fit the ginormous beast that can hardly be called a "card" in there. Seriously, it's almost bigger than the motherboard, it's a miracle I got the side cover back in place.

As a side note, it's a real bitch to redownload everything you had.
My GPU is pretty much on life support to the point that I have to kick start the fan to make sure it doesn't overheat.

Apart from that, it runs games pretty well. I can play Crysis on Very High without much problems.

If I get a lot of money this Christmas, I may upgrade again.
1) So I spent the last 8 hours smashing my head against the desk over a problem I was having on a program I made. Managed to get it fix it and add in 2 new features but yeah, bloody Java programming can be effing derp at times...although it's my fault.

Also, building a new PC soon.

Lot's of good stuff out at the moment:
2) LinusTechTips does another brilliant job at analysing the iPhone 6. 

(Personally I still dislike iPhones).

3) Over here in the U.K he just finished the amazing event, DroidCon. (Highlights of the event in the link)

I did wanna go this year, but I was a bit busy....and I kinda wanted to by a Nintendo Wii U so my ticket money went there (I know, lame). But Taylor Ling attended this year and he's someone I've been following for a long time. Definitely check it out if you're into developing for Android like myself and many others.

4) Vsenn looking to take on Google Modular(Project Ara). If you don't know what Google Modular is, then check this out:

5) Lastly, all hail to Android Lollipop:
[Image: 0000012C07693017-photo-logo-android-lollipop.jpg]
Any opinions on raspberry pi?
(11-07-2014, 06:12 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: Any opinions on raspberry pi?

It's one of the best kits you'll probably every buy. Very cheap and easy to use. It's a great starting point if you want to get into programming, hardware development or just use it a small purpose machine. 
It's really for those who want to have fun with an open machine running open source code so if that's what you're looking for, go for it. There are plenty of books on using it too.

Good book 1:
Good book 2:

It also comes with Quake 3 so. :)

Even if you're not confident at making your own little "toys". It's worth buying and taking over peoples project to reserve engineer. You can learn and work at your own pace. 
Can't recommend this enough.
I know a guy who used it with arcade cabinets because he didn't feel like doing track around his collection or something like that.

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