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Should Amiibo count as its own category?
Looking at this got me thinking.

The Amiibo work with multiple games. They aren't tethered to any one in particular. They will work on New 3DS if memory serves and do work on Wii U. Due to this, shouldn't Amiibo count as its own console or some other distinguishing feature?
It has come to my attention that amiibo figures are branded on a game basis. At least, that is the case for the moment. You'll notice the stand that an amiibo stands on is the logo of Smash Bros. at the time, and when future amiibo are released, there may be additional stand styles for the games they are predominantly associated with.
While they are indeed most likely branded on a game to game basis, this is merely an aesthetic detail. I would say that things specific to the figures themselves (such as Samus' dual arm cannons), at the least should go with the individual games they are based on whereas amiibo-related trivia for gameplay elements (such as after you unlock the Spinner in HW, the Link and Toon Link amiibos will just give random weapons), should go to the respective games.

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