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P.T trivia?
in Japanese, they like to attribute syllables from the language to numbers (ie for phone numbers on commercials etc.)

Not to mention a LOT of Japanese horror games and movies have mysterious numbers that translate into syllables.

here's some of the most common attributions to the numbers:

2 = fu ni tsu
0 = o n to
4 = shi yo
8 = ha ba pa ya
6 = ro mu
3 = mi sa san

fu o yo ba ro mi

o fu ro ba mi yo

ofuroba miyo

ofuroba = the bathtub
miyo = older Japanese for "Look at" (commanding)

(for Japanese learners: "miro" and "miyou" are modern ways of saying it, but "miyo" (without the u) is the equivalent of modern "miro" in old Japanese)

"Look at the Bathtub"

Did anyone do that?
(12-21-2014, 06:20 PM)wwwcwx Wrote: so i end up playing p.t so i found something interesting in the game i keep hearing the number 20463 so i search the number i found that number is street number in Washington, DC & it is the same street in the end of the game we found the main character walking on the street so is the next silent hill game take place in DC???

That's an interesting theory. I don't really know if that would be counted as trivea, but that's up to the site's staff. I say wait for Silent Hills to come out to find out to see if it's right.

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