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Fast Food Creations
This is a thread where we can tell each other different things we order and do with fast food. Do you combine stuff? From two different restaurants, maybe? Show and tell!

McGangbang (my version): one McDouble with Mac sauce added and one Buffalo Ranch McChicken.
Open up the burger and put the McChicken in.

[Image: 20150125_221227.jpg?noCache=1422242144]
What the fuck is wrong with you?! Nacho cheese on taco bells is good, yup, real creative one over here.
Last time I was at B-goods(a good burger joint mind you) I made myself a double french burger. Which is my burger order with half of the bag of fries in the burger. I should have took a picture to show you. But it tasted pretty good. 
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm McGB!! I like the double (whichever one has 2 slices of cheese) no onions, extra pickles- with the spicy chicken- no mayo- in the middle. I will usually just stick the chicken in between the meat patties because I don't like all that bread.

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