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Netflix announces a Legend of Zelda tv show

Alright. This news literally made my mouth drop to the ground. Netflix has just announced that they are teaming up with Nintendo to do a live-action series based off of The Legend of Zelda. Now. My thoughts of this are mixed. I have waited for a long time for a proper adaption of The Legend of Zelda. If it be an anime, or even a different cartoon. I'm curious on how its going to be done with live-action. Hopefully it can be good as that april fool's trailer for the Zelda movie. What do you think? Think this will be good? 
But there have been many mangas focusing on The Legend of Zelda, unless you don't count those as a "proper adaption"

Regardless, I doubt it'll be good, or it'll attract the Game of Throne crowd or something. I'll probably watch an episode or two and decide then.
I can't comment on the Manga of Zelda Retro, I haven't read them.
WHAT. I can't believe it. I never thought it would happen. First there was the Sonic movie coming out soon??, and then this.
I must admit, i'm skeptical as to how good it would be, seeing how most Video game-based shows are.....terrible
*cough*Mario brothers movie* *cough* AOSTH* *cough* get my point.
SO it looks interesting, but i'd have to see more before i decide what to think of it.
I'm excited. I really hope it's good. Or at least entertaining. Netflix has been really good about the shows they make.
I already do enough binge watching as it is so why not. Netflix must've gived one hell of pitch if they got Nintendo to sign off on it. But I'm 100% certain that Ganon will make or break this show.
I'll like it either way, I have very low tastes for things like this. (Or anything for that matter.)
I just hope they don't make it like they do theyre OTHER reboots...
[Image: veggietales.jpg]

I'll never forgive them for that one...
Anyway, it sound like an interesting idea, can't wait to see it!
I don't think it's quite official yet. According to Wall Street Journal "It’s also possible that Netflix or Nintendo will kill the project before it gets off the ground."

Here's a [Image: ZeldaSpriteLinkSwingSwordLeft.png] to the article:

So, they might be planning one but that's most likely all it is right now. A plan on a paper. A paper that might or might not have a signature from Nintendo representative.
I hope thats not the case here. I'd like to see this thing become a reality.
Time to return to my evil ways

Who's writing, directing, casting... I don't know enough to feel things!
I'm not sure if I like the idea very much, but I'll hold my judgement until this thing is even a possibilty and confirmed by Nintendo.
Hm. I don't trust most people to do a Zelda series properly, and I don't trust Netflix.
I'm worried to say the least. I've gone through in my head many different ways they could do this and all of them don't really work unless they plan to alienate most of the fans.
me: well maybe instead of adapting the story of a popular title, they could use the title to expand on the untold lore. Stuff the doesn't involve Link on an adventure. Maybe they can explore the history of certain...

Worst case scenario, its bad and becomes the butt of jokes for a few years.
Best case scenario, awesome series.
Honestly, its gonna be great.

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