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An Ode to the Did You Know Gaming forums
I don't know if anyone will see this, but I thought it appropriate to at least do something of the Did You Know Gaming Forums. Though our time here was short, I'd like to think those I have met here as friends. We probably would have never met one another if it had not been for this site, and though the end of our journey is near and our hero of time has not turned back the clock, I can gladly say that I feel blessed for having been part of this experience. I feel blessed that this site drew my sight and soon enough me into such a wonderful community of close-knit friends over game. I feel blessed over the occurrences and happenings, for our benevolent admins and guardian moderators, for the people, the cause, the witnesses of our cause, and most of all, I thank the DID YOU KNOW GAMING for lifting me from this grief which I had felt before the, for offering me some escape past the few and rare games which strung my local friends and me together. I feel blessed for having been here, for contributing and for all of you. I hope you all have felt the same way. In these final hours of this site which I have held dear, I wish for you all the best, and to those who will not be joining us on the binary and posts of the new found land, I wish you may find another amazing site like this one.

If you so wish, join with me in the remembrance of a site which I hold dear.

Edit: Beware of Cuccos has requested that all former members of DYKG post their stats if possible.
I was there for literally only one week and I miss it.
(03-23-2013, 09:17 PM)MexicanAnime Wrote: I was there for literally only one week and I miss it.

And I was there since June and had spent almost 2 weeks of time on that forum collectively. So many posts...gone.

I want to see your stats everyone!

My stats:
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Reputation: 12

The DYKG forums became a part of me and I find nearly every member who posted on a regular basis as a dear friend of mine. We had our ups and downs, we lost and gained members. We learned a lot about each other and we all had our laugh moments and drama moments. We had our share of spammers and douche bag advertisers and everything in between but one thing that we can all agree on is just how much we will miss it, not for our post counts, not for our likes and thanks and reputations we had; but we will miss it because of the memories that we shared with one another in the 9 or so months that we were there.
R.I.P DYKG forums
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Good times.
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It shall forever be missed. May it have a righteous funeral of burning at sea, like a true warrior of old.
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I loved that place. I guess I still do, but just over here, rather than there.
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I still prefer there than here.
Had I already been there for 5 months? Wow, time totally flew by.

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Here's my original post from the final thread.
(03-17-2013, 05:45 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: This has been a fun run. It really has. I was sure I'd never start liking forums other than REF and even when I first joined here I was certain it wouldn't last and I'd just lose interest as has happened with almost all other forums I've joined. How wrong I was. This place and the people here are all just amazing. Thanks for everything and see you on the other side. VGFacts forums, that is.

Love you guys. All the homo.

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