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Captain Falcon as the flasgship character for the SNES
A recent trivia submitted by a user stated that Captain Falcon from the F-Zero series was originally intended to be the flagship character for the SNES. Whilst this statement might seem likely seeing as F-Zero was a launch title for the platform to showcase the system's Mode 7 graphics, the source for this information seems a bit sketchy.

The book Handbook of Computer Animation by John Vince (ISBN 1852335645, 9781852335649) seems to be the only source which states this fact. Any other source which I could find were either wikis or fan websites which also linked to the book or the Wikipedia page that also references it.

Unless there is a more reliable source which can confirm this, like an article from a reliable/notable news source or any sort of material officially licensed by Nintendo, I would like to leave this fact untrue. If anyone can find a reliable source, please feel free to share it here.

If by chance anyone has a copy of the book and it features an appendix section that shows his source for this fact, please if you can, upload it to this thread.
Well I'm happy to say that the embargo on this bit of trivia can finally be lifted as it turns out it was true. F-Zero's designer, Takaya Imamura, revealed in an interview that the character that would eventually become Captain Falcon was considered to be the mascot for the Super Nintendo.

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