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The sh*t in your collection
We ALL have in our videogame 'collection' THAT game. That game that you hate. That game that you don't know why did you buy it or why stills being there. I want all of us to share our pain for that games that gave us such a dissapoint.

Mine were 'Resident Evil 5' and 'Sonic the hedgehog (2006)'. Don't know why I haven't sold them yet...
BlazBlue 1 and 2
DoDonPachi (I prefer DeathSmiles)
Order Up!. It was £6 in a supermarket so I picked it up and only played it for like an hour. Ultra repetitive and some of the controls were awful, but nobody'll buy it for anything worth me selling. Same with NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, except I had really high expectations for it and it was just awful.
They're usually the wii games you find in the bargain bin, or just games you thought would be good, but weren't.

I do not have any of these, since I don't buy games much.
Any fighting game I own that came out 2002 and on. Especially ones that have nothing but Arcade, Vs and Practice modes.

They're not bad games, but I haven't really gotten into a fighting game since the Dreamcast died, and stopped practicing when there weren't any arcades anywhere I lived anymore... when online Vs finally came a long, I was rusty and out of the loop. I keep thinking I'll bother to learn all the moves and master at least a couple characters again, but I play for a couple of hours, wish I had an arcade stick and then I'm totally done.

So every time I buy one, I'm like "why did I buy this?"
For the PS3 I would have to say either FIFA 08 or Eternal Sonata.

I was hoping I was over my hatred for sport games and after 30 mins I realized I still was.
Eternal Sonata I thought would be an awesome and unique JRPG and I just got tired within the first hour, the story sounded so generic and the voice acting was so...UGH.
Lost: Via Domus (I dont even like LOST. Darn thing was only 50p and I still felt ripped off)

Spiderman: Friend or Foe (That game made it personal! IT MADE BLADE CRAPPY! HOW CAN YOU EVEN DO THAT!!!??)

and Assassins Creed 3 (I love AC a lot but maaaaaaan that game drags its colonial rear, oh well PIRATES NEXT! YAY!)
I've got a copy of ET for the Atari lying around somewhere.
(03-24-2013, 06:04 PM)Wardenclyffe Wrote: I've got a copy of ET for the Atari lying around somewhere.

In a ditch in Mexico I assume?
Legend of Zelda: OoT

Why? Because it's frekin' BROKEN >_< (As soon as it loads the title screen, it stops :'[])
In all honesty it's a close tie between Halo 4 and Mass Effect 3.
People are going to hate me for these, but oh well...

Elite Beat Agents. I'm sorry, but that thing was actually too American for my liking, plus I just liked the idea of people cheering for you like they did in Ouendan rather than just start dancing. It also helped that I'd only heard READY STEADY GO in regards to the songs in Ouendan whereas I'd hear the songs used in Agents way too many times and the covers were terrible. I really should find that game and see what I can get for a trade in.

Apollo Justice. I hated the new characters, the cases were stupid, and they turned Phoenix into an asshole. I wanted to pimp slap Trucy every time she mentioned her stupid magic panties. During a long stretch where I had some days off I replayed all the Phoenix Wright related games but I had to stop with Apollo on the second case. It was so painful to play I just couldn't continue.
uhm I don't know maybe just some games that my sister got as a kid but now they are in my collection, also my cat is fucking annoying right now.
I have a box for Sonic CD just sitting on my shelf. I don't own the game, I just like the box.
RESIDENT EVIL MISSIONS! Why does it still exist in my phone?!?

If you want something tangible, Ninja Gaiden 3. I hate that game so, very much. I'm still keeping it for collection purposes.

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