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999: Reference to DK (and SMB?)
I couldn't find a video source when I originally submitted this Trivia, and instead used a link to the game's script.

But nobody wants to comb through that, so I just took my own video! It's kinda crappy, so it's going below the script excerpt.

New Video Below!

From the Game Script for Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (999) at GameFAQs:

Quote:::Steam engine room::


{Screen 3, Facing Boiler Gears and Staircase}


<Examine Barrel, 1>
Junpei: There's a barrel under the stairs. Sweet.
Ace: Unfortunately, it's empty.


<Examine Barrel, 4>
Santa: We should get Seven to throw the barrel from the top of the stairs.
Santa: It'd be just like that old game, remember?
Ace: Ah, yes, with the gorilla who threw barrels...
Ace: And you tried to jump over the barrels, and make your way to the top...

(Emphasis mine. Do a text search in your browser for "gorilla" - it should take you directly to that conversation.)

Also, since this Donkey Kong reference and the already-posted The Legend of Zelda (cartoon) reference are quite clear, I'm going out on a limb and saying the game has some Super Mario Bros. references as well. Try a text search for "pipe" at the link above and you'll find there are multiple times where Junpei makes a joke about "escaping through that pipe", sometimes followed up by actually saying it was a joke. It might mean something else, but it works as a SMB reference.

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