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Poll: How would you rather lose?
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Complete Domination
1 4.17%
Overwhelming Victory
1 4.17%
14 58.33%
Close Shave
2 8.33%
Near Win
6 25.00%
Total 24 vote(s) 100%
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How Would You Rather Lose?
As everyone has to experience every now and then, we can't always be the winner. This is the truth in video games as well. There will always be someone better than us in a game. We will inevitably lose at some point. So how would you rather lose?

a) Complete Domination: I would want to be completely destroyed.

b) Overwhelming Victory: I lost badly but still got a shot or two in.

c) Defeated: I lost but I played a good game

d) Close Shave: I almost won but I made a mistake somewhere or my opponent came back in the end.

e) Near Win: I would have won if it wasn't for that last second hit.
probably near win because it shows am just as good as him and when he/she wins he cant brag that much
The feels youz gets when you play someone on a 1v1 game and you're both equally good. Both respectable of the game, mechanics, strategies, execution etc and you lose, it doesn't feel bad but a great learning experience that was pretty much 50/50. Mostly on games like Fighting Games/Pokemon/Chess/X-com etc it definitely doesn't feel like a horrible loss but a game well played.
It's not just 1v1. I remember times when I was with my group on Gears 3 and we played other 5 player team, it was tough, everyone working together through support and communition, and when we lost we still felt like we played well.

Completely destroyed is the best learning experience however. I find that when you're completely bent over and spanked by a better, you get extremely pissed off at times and therefore want to improve. You save the reply, talk to friends about how the beat X and work on getting better.
Near win, I will joke about it but it garners respect from me and I wanna keep it going. That is what I look for in Yu-Gi-Oh! is people who don't dominate or suck.
if I'm going to be defeated I'd rather just be defeated whenever. I don't like to come so close just to start all over again.
at the same time though, depending on the game I want to last longer of course cause it means more playtime.
Close Shave. I just love it when battles are so even that you don't really even know who won until the results screen.
I voted defeated for games overall, because I like to play to have fun. For single player games, however, I prefer a close shave or near win due to the fact I know I can come CLOSE to victory, assuring I might be able to win with practice.
If it was complete domination, I would only exept that in a 1v1. If it wasn't I would blame my teamates and curl up in a ball and eat a bunch of ice cream.
Defeated, better than being completely humiliated, but a reminder that I'm still awful at the game.
I'd prefer being defeated, so I have a sense that I know I tried.
Me? I would rather have an overwhelming victory. It would benefit my pride to know that I got at least one good shot in before I was crushed. I don't want to be dominated or come very very close. That would just be heartbreaking for me.
I love that rush you get, normally from fighting games, when you come down to the last tiny bit of health. When you are on the edge of your seat trying harder than you ever have before to hold on and land that last hit. Even if you don't manage to win, its still a great feeling. Kinda what video games are all about, for me anyway :P.
I would rather lose defeated since at least I did well the thing I hate losing close shave because you are so close to winning and when you lose you get so mad because of how close it was

I'll put in a good fight and if I lose, I lose.
I'd prefer a close shave. It's the only way I won't hate myself. Haha.

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