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Here are some pictures of pets that I have or had who passed on.
Putting spoiler tags to save time on loading the page.
I've lived with people who had pets at university, but never actually had my own

[Image: abandon-thread-o.gif]
That gif reminds me of Schrodinger's Cat, because the tail is still there does that mean you will post a picture or did you REALLY abandon the thread?
One time In the third grade a local farmer brought in some baby chicks and thought it was a good idea to let them wander around in a small room full of seven year olds.
I stepped on one and it's head sort of exploded and got blood all over.
Annnnnnd.... that's my que.
[Image: eezCO.gif]
I had a pet dog,but he is in a better place...

(03-16-2013, 11:07 PM)Berry Wrote: I had a pet dog,but he is in a better place...

I really wanted to give a Thanks to that post :C
We've got Sonic, my border collie. He's about 2, and is a bit odd. He's male, but about the size of a female. Not to get graphic, but when his testicles dropped, only one "came out" - the other was still "inside him" - so he never fully developed correctly. On top of that, we had to go through a pretty big surgery to get them removed. If we left it inside him, it would be heating up whenever he plays or runs, and could eventually lead to testicular cancer.
[Image: qHDNW3K.jpg]
He's a sweet heart and I love him very much. Me and my fiance Charlie (on here as tigerlily) also recently bought a horse which we've named Sierra. It's unbacked, so big undertaking, but Charlie is up for the task. I don't ride, but I enjoy being around horses and stables.
[Image: 600165_10151496566083469_1480263951_n.jpg]
I was gonna post but you beat me to it.
My little Scuzzy passed away, but I just have to share a photo of my baby because he'll always hold a special place in my heart.

[Image: scuzzy_wizard.jpg]
I actually have no pets. But I have taken care of pets lately. This weekend was my sisters dogs, Bo and Lexi. They're both Labs and Lexi is black and Bo is chocolate. So yeah. Bo... he's special. That's all I'm going to say. I don't have any pictures, so yeah. I can probably steal a picture from my sisters facebook.

Then I took care of my friends cat, Simon. The last couple of weeks with him were rough (being confined in a small room and all) and it annoys me now that they got rid of him.

Here is Simon:
[Image: 0WK3N.jpg?1]
^ I hope you have a better time with the new critters. Simon could be kind of a dick at times.
They're actually going home today. They were supposed to be here like 2 hours ago (that's what my sister or brother-in-law said).
I don't have a picture of him but I have this really fat cat named Ash who just sits around and bites my legs all day.

He's a piece of shit but he's really cute. :3
Snickers "Hobbes" Tyberious.

[Image: PpdmWDb.jpg]

Shortly after his bath yesterday.
I love cats. Cats are amazing. I got one whose name is "Tigrou". In english, it would translate to "Tiger" from Winnie the Pooh.

I'm not able to show an image of my cat, but since he looks like ALL the cats our there, I found a pretty realistic clone of him.

[Image: house-cats-11.jpg]

I also have a dog. I don't love 'em, so no dog picks >:I

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