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PSO2 Non-cross-promonial non-sega references
In addition to the cross promotional items and sega-related items, Phantasy Star Online 2 also has a few other references, a few of which might be a result of Konami being a competitor to Sega.

The Duel Gaze is an obvious reference to a Duel Disk from Yu-Gi-Oh! Unlike other talisman weapons in the game, it is apparently strapped to the wielder's arm and is not held by a handle. It also has an unlockable ability called "Trap Activated"(Wana Hatsudo 罠発動), which boosts the power of ranger traps, in spite of being an techer weapon(albeit one that is equipable by all classes). The Red Duel Gazer likewise has an unlockable ability called "Trap Master" (Takumi wana-shi 巧罠師(Takumi is kind of redundant here, it translates to "adroit" and "Trap Master" is what the unofficial translations call it)).

Another Konami reference can be found in the talisman weapon called "Metalisolidom", a weapon that is dropped by Transmizer, an enemy which bears an uncanny resemblance to Metal Gear REX. Other Lilipia mechs are also refereed to by PSO2's western playerbase as Metal Gears, though some have no real resemblance to known Metal Gears, though the fact they are on Lilipia might actually be a reference to Laputa from Myazaki's Castle in The Sky which is also based on Gulliver's Travels.

Also, while there was an Attack On Titan collaboration, the fight against Magatsu plays homage to Attack on Titan without directly using any of the Attack on Titan material. Instead of 3D Maneuver Gear, the Phantasy Star Crew ultized the previously introduced jump pads, as well as a buff that boosted jump height partway through the first quest where you fight it. Additionally, the trailer/opening featuring Magatsu appears to be a homage to Attack On Titan.

Lastly, chrome dragons have a superficial resemblance to Eva Unit 01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion, including it's slouched forward posture.

(Note: Actual trivia submission does not include links or the note that says "Takumi is kind of redundant here, it translates to "adroit" and "Trap Master" is what the unofficial translations call it", also I'll be marking this as theory in addition to easter egg until we can get some more solid facts on how intentional some of these references are)

Evidence: (Duel Gazer) (Under duel gazer, hand is still balled into a fist, but this is fairly normal when the disk-side hand is not holding cards)
For comparison: (Under "Tribute", a low-tier talisman weapon) (a rare tailsman weapon I can't remember the name of) (Rosa Cane, another rare tailsman weapon) (A listing of Tailsman weapons, note that the translations are inaccurate due to use of machine translation, 巧罠師 is not tractor but trap master and デュエルゲイズ is duel gaze, spelled phonetically, not duel gays). (Gameplay footage of Transmizer) (Tranzmiser wiki page) (List of metal gears) (Footage of the lobby durring the attack on Titan crosspromotion from a player wearing an outfit from the crosspromotion). (Magatsu quest 1) (magatsu quest 2) (Magatsu Opening, note all the rooftoop action) (AoT Opening)

(Warning! Not for the faint of heart!) (Eva 01 Beserk Mode) (Images of the Rebuild design near the bottom).
(I couldn't find any matching images for the base form of the original design)

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