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Stanley the Bugman is Mario's cousin?
In a recent trivia posted for the game "Donkey Kong 3", it states that Stanley the Bugman is the cousin of Mario.

The source provided comes from the Donkey Kong wiki, however that piece of information on the page links to a site which is HTTP 404.

Searching online, the only links I could find were fan fiction threads on Nintendo fansites.

If there is an official source which states this, can someone please post it here.

I've updated the trivia to say that he's "rumored" to be Mario cousin. I think that's the best wording.
(03-29-2013, 04:03 AM)Dazz Wrote:

I've updated the trivia to say that he's "rumored" to be Mario cousin. I think that's the best wording.

Whether this is a rumor doesn't exactly mean that it's a fact. I recently submitted a trivia about a rumor which was officially stated by Capcom as supposedly being true in reagards to Mega Man 9, however Petie rejected it.

Plus those links, apart from IGN which may hold some truth, are all fansites which do not present any official material as research that confirms this. It all appears to be fan speculation.

Is there anything like an official interview or instruction booklet which does state this or even tells of some personal relation between Stanley and Mario being part of the same family?
There's a difference between a widely regarded rumor, like this, and the lack of a piece of trivia, like your submission. "There is an easter egg in the game" is not the same as "It is widely considered that" - the Mega Man 9 submission would be accepted if it told us what that Easter Egg is, but obviously that is unknown at this time. Once it is known, it can be submitted, and it will be accepted.
We should then probably further state in the trivia how the two are supposably related.

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