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Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Boxart Differences
Usually Ophl would be the one who'd post trivia like this, but I'll go with this one, it's been quite a search to find Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Trivia to get posted to VGFacts. As you can see the PAL Boxart is noticeably much dimmer/dark compared to the North American Boxart of the game, this is even noted by how we're able to see Meta Knight (notably his cape isn't visible on the PAL Boxart). This may not be necessary to note, but Kirby's not so Bright Pink on the PAL Boxart as he is on the North American Boxart, and the Nintendo Logo is next to the Rating Logo rather than Underneath it, and there's a symbol that I think might be to do with the Game's Multiplayer which is not featured on the North American Boxart.

Wasn't easy finding KNIDL Trivia, but I hope this trivia is the best that I can find, based on a game that doesn't already have a VGFacts Page.

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