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What is your favorite controller?
I think the PS4 controller is very comfortable. I was afraid of the change at first, but it feels oh so nice in my big hands compared to a PS2 controller.

What is your favorite controller?
For me, it's probably also the PS4. I would have said PS3 beforehand, but really the PS4 one just feels better. It's a perfect fit for my hands.
For games that primarily use a D pad, the second design of the Sega Saturn controller. Big buttons that are actually concave (since I don't have feeling in over half of my right hand, my thumb occasionally slides off the buttons without me realizing it, but big concave buttons stop it), although the Hori Fighting Commander 4 for the PS3 is pretty good too.
For a more modern controller that has a good joystick, the Power A PS3 controller. Texturing is comfortable, helps me keep my hand in place and it's just really responsive overall.
I don't think I have a favorite. Definitely not the original Xbox controller, though.
I think my favorite controller would have to be the gamecube controller.
GameCube. I'd say 3DS too but when I play Mario Kart 7 on every time I press the R button to drift I feel the edge of the 3DS pushing into my palm (at least the edges aren't sharp).
Yo, if we're talking handhelds, the 2DS is surprisingly really comfortable.
I think I personally like the PS2 controllers better than the PS3 just a bit. Ultimately I'd have to go with the PS2 for my favorite.
Although I do enjoy my Afterglow Controller that I use at the computer, too.
A very interesting question. I mean by that because there's the console and whether it's a 3rd party controller. I remember playing the SNES with that dogbone controller and that was nice form-fitting but now that I haven't used it in a while it just feels slightly foreign. The ones that I've used currently and often are my 3DS, PS3 controller, PSP, and my Logitech controller for the PC.
Definitley the second version of the Xbox 360 controller. The one with the swivel DPad was a great controller. I'm also a fan of the Xbox One and PS4. GameCube is most definitely up there though.

It's between the 360v2 and GameCube.
(05-24-2016, 08:52 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: Yo, if we're talking handhelds, the 2DS is surprisingly really comfortable.

I can say the same about the Vita. That thing has never hurt my hands.
The Gameboy and Gameboy color controllers are good too.
I love the Wii U gamepad, usually I hate touch screen controllers but the combination of well placed analog controls on either side makes everything feel really fluid when I'm playing, although my giant lanky monster hands probably help.

If I'm getting real specific for actually controlling a game, the Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS feels amazing and makes Monster Hunter all the more enjoyable.
Wii Remote + Nunchuk obviously. Just can't get tired of swinging those things around.

Or PS4. In fact, probably PS4 yeah I'm going with that one, it's really comfortable.
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