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Clowns in Resident Evil
Weird thread, I know.

So there's this game called Minna to Biohazard Clan Master and it's part of Capcom's Minna to game series that has entries from many other Capcom franchises like Monster Hunter and Street Fighter. Here, I made a lengthy thread about it on another forum:

Aaaanyway, the game was like a crossover RPG with almost every iteration of the RE series until Clan Master's creation, and its duration, with the exceptions of Gaiden, 4D-Executer (possibly, not entirely sure), every mobile game, the live action films and every comic sans Marhawa Desire and a most likely coincidental reference to Fire & Ice. The latter is what this is about. I'M GETTING TO IT!

Here, look at this glorious bastard.
[Image: zombie14.png]
That's a clown zombie from Clan Master. It is the very first zombified clown ever seen in a Resident Evil game. Crazy right? The thing is, and my entire point here, that this still isn't the first clown zombie in Resident Evil as a whole.

Look at these glorious first pages of Wildstorm's Resident Evil: Fire & Ice, a most definitely non-canon entry in the franchise. This because it featured STARS Charlie team, a part of the STARS that has never ever been mentioned by anyone ever in any other piece of canon media.
[Image: Resident%20Evil%20-%20Fire%20and%20Ice%2...aehyuu.jpg]
[Image: 88e2934eb80de22bbd-8.jpg]

See the clown zombies? They climbed out of a clown buggy for Pete's sake. How could anyone miss such a miracle?

So in conclusion, Clan Master contains a most likely unintentional (because seriously, who else even remembers Fire & Ice?) reference to an old RE comic.

tl;dr Clowns have been an important part of RE lore since the dawn of time.

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