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General Anime/Manga/Otaku Thread
Hirohiko Araki to Receive Iwate Hometown Special Manga Award

Tomokazu Seki Joins the Cast of Stone Ocean as Enrico Pucci

Fashion Models Georgina Grenville & Marpessa Hennink Acknowledge their JoJo References
Here's the offical opening for the JoJo Stone Ocean anime. Now available on Netflix.

CG openings are back!
Diavolo Stole the Precious Thing.

JJBA x Touhou Project.

Speaking of JoJo, Kira Buckland achieved her dream of becoming Jolyne's voice actress.
[Image: rmd3lvmjwc381.png]


For those who don't know, Kira Buckland (AKA Rina-chan) is an avid JoJo fan. She has the Joestar birthmark tattooed on her neck. And before she became Jolyne she voiced Reimi Sugimoto.

(04-14-2020, 02:52 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: Back in the day, Kira Buckland/Rina-chan was the only girl on the internet with a microphone. She was EVERYWHERE. The lack of competition gave her tons of opportunity to practice with tons of different roles. Considering where she is now, her efforts paid off. She voiced 2B in NieR: Automata, for Pete's sake!

When people said "There are no girls on the internet" it used to end with "except Rina-chan".
The fact there are Megalo Box fans that don't know about Ashita no Joe (let alone the fact that Megalo Box is a reimagining of Ashita no Joe) is quite sad.
Does anyone remember Azumanga Daioh?

Anyways, I just found out about this manga called School Rumble. I haven't read the manga or watched the anime but man, the art style is so nostalgic. To me that art style screams "2000's anime"... Which makes perfect since the manga was published from 2002 to 2008.

Man, I just realised that feeling nostalgia for the 2000's in 2021 is like feeling nostalgia for the 80's back in 2001. Damn. To be believe that now we are closer to the year 2030 than to 2005.
Remenber the iconic FALCON PUNCH meme from the F-Zero anime? I just found out that THIS specific variant was made by MasakoX of TFS and Dragon Ball What If fame. BTW, the iconic Falcon Punch comes from the final episode of the anime so.... spoilers, I guess?

Granted, back then I didn't knew who MasakoX was so there's that.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this is a fandub. The official English dub of the anime made by 4Kids only covers 15 episodes. The anime has a total of 51 episodes.
Speaking of the F-Zero anime, here's a review of F-ZERO: Falcon Densetsu. Review made by Stanpai. The review doesn't have any spoilers or at least not major ones.

Remenber the famous English dub of Cowboy Bebop made by Funimation? That dub? It's been 20 years since that dub was made.
Did you know that Outlaw Star is a spin-off of a manga called Future-Retro Hero Story?

EDIT: Did you know that Outlaw Star is based of the manga of the same name? Mentioning this because people seem to only know about the anime.
Did you know there's an Batman anime movie that was made BEFORE Batman Ninja? It's called Batman: Gothan Knight (not to be confused with the upcoming video game Gotham Knights). Its an anthology film that takes place between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Cowboy Bebop Writer Keiko Nobumoto Passes Away At 57 (The writer behind Cowboy Bebop and Wolf's Rain dies after a long battle with esophageal cancer.)
Voice Actor Jōji Yanami Passes Away
Have you heard of Phantom Blood: Until We Eternally Rest? Phantom Blood: Until We Eternally Rest is a fan-manga based on the first story arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The premise is the following: What if Jonathan became a vampire instead of Dio Brando?

Why didn't I post this sooner??

This awesome rotoscope fan animation of Weather Report from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The song is Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai. Jamiroquai is the name of the band, not the singer.
I found this video about the most popular anime waifus according to Google Search (2004-2021). LOL

I just want to clear up some doubts you might have:

- Why some results are different from the previous video?
Well, as I have specified in each description, my searches are based on an algorithm that is not perfect and therefore cannot give me 100% certain results.
I can assure you though that compared to the 2020 video this is far more accurate, in fact I made a lot of improvements on the algorithm

- I made a big mistake, i don't know why but the data of Kurisu Makise didn't show up and i didn't see that

Unfortunately the part when Zero Two, Raphtalia and Nezuko appear, I couldn't put the songs on theme because they gave me copyright problems.
So I decided to put 2 JoJo songs because they are fantastic and always give me the idea of boss music

- How long did it take me to make this video?
4 days to collect and adjust data
1 day to find the gifs to put to each character
1 day for the Awards part of each year
1 day for to find and put the music
so more or less a week (considering I worked on the video about 10 hours a day)

I will never stop thanking you for all the support you have given me I hope you enjoy the video, this makes me want to work harder and harder

I hope you enjoy the video!
Makoto Shinkai’s Next Film Suzume no Tojimari Revealed, Fall 2022 Release Date

Japanese Singer/Voice Actress Sayaka Kanda Passes Away at 35

Remenber years ago when it was announced that Bleach's Thoundand Year Blood War Arc (TYBWA) will recieve an anime adaptation? We finally got the teaser trailer.
Jump Festa Online 2022 Recap: All the Major Announcements

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