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This Sucks - the thread
First of all this is all based on personal opinions so let's be cool here, ok!

Basically talk about the game you're playing/have played and hated, be the game itself, the soundtrack, or other frustrating shit that happens in gaming. Try giving reasons too to keep this topic genuinely interesting, instead of just bashing the game.

I'll start this with Legend of Zelda (NES). I tried this game in several occasions already, but every time I do I always get frustrated with it. But now that I've grown up to be more patient, I decided to beat it now.
The game gives you literally nothing to work on: everyone knows that Zelda is all about getting equipment that gives Link more abilities. But the game is a huge maze with no directions at all. Sure, this was the point of the game, but more texts or signs would help giving a direction to the game. Not to say those asshole old ladies that don't give you hints when you pay more/less and stuff.
To make it worse, Link's control isn't good either and attacking enemies just with stabs is really limiting. It's difficult to attack and defend when you are fixed into a grid. Diagonal movement would really make this run a lot smoother.
Right now I've died over 30 times by dumb reasons and I somehow got all the 8 Triforce pieces. I'm trying to do my best at discovering things alone, but the cryptic messages and lack of explanations of the items made me look for walkthroughs.

Ultimately, it's a kind of game that would be better if the hardware was more capable. I see that the game tried to innovate and it did; but the limitation in everything hinders its potential so much. If the game had a bit more direction of where to go or what to do, it would be better for me. I love OoT a lot: it has those elements and even then the game remains challenging and fun. In NES Zelda, the frustration is so big, the rewards of finding a new item or beating a dungeon isn't enough to compensate it. Sure, I am not a Zelda fan and I never played the NES one seriously, so my point of view will be different and unfavorable.

So, tell me more about the games you hate, and why!
Let me start out by explaning that there is only one game that I have found that gets me mad. That is a huge mess of a game. That when I look at a bad game like Sonic 06 or something like that, I say "at lest it's not like Duck Dodgers." I am the type of person that can find something to like about a game/movie. Be it the plot, the characters, the music, or something else. These things make the game playable for me.

Duck Dodgers for the N64....... has nothing for me to like. The plot is dull and you know they were trying to jump on the Mario 64 band wagon when you hear "Collect the energy atoms." Said energy Atoms are some of the hardest things to get in ANY game I have played. Ever played pong? Corse you have. Easy right? not in this game. Jumping over a pit should be easy right? Duck Dodgers says you should have a hard time jumping over a foot wide hole wile wrestling with the camera. Than they insult you by giving you easy atoms to get. None of the music is memorable. I played it last week to remember the game and I still can't tell you any peace of music. Duck Dodgers is the only talking character for most of the game and he wares out his welcome very fast. There is just so much of Daffy Duck that you can handle at one time.

"So why do you keep playing it?" you ask. I keep it around and play it sometimes to remind myself of what not to do when I get to program my own game. There you go. One nice thing to say about the game. It is a good influence of what not to do.

in the end I believe that you really need to play bad games to remind you of how your favorite games could be. This is my bad game and for some masochistic way, I love playing it. Even though it P#$$es me off most of the time.
Call of Duty (online only), Modern Warfare Trilogy. There is just something about this trilogy that I hate playing the online part of. I played Black Ops online all the time and never had a problem with it. Played Modern Warfare 3 online and the very first game I played, my face was red from how pissed I was. I don't know what it is. Campers? There's something off with the MW trilogy when it comes to online, but I cannot put a finger on it no matter how hard I try. All the games seriously play exactly the same. Sure, they have different weapons and some perks and such, but the gameplay hasn't changed. Why don't I like it? Is it because it's way too easy? It's something that has been bothering me for so long that I still can't put a finger on it.

Dragon Age II. Boring. The game is just pure boring. Gameplay is worse. The story part of it isn't even a sequel to Origins. I think Origins' story is mentioned a couple of times? That's about it. I played the game for 3 hours in hopes that it would get better. I loved DA:O. It was a fun game. But what happened between that and this? Where did Bioware go so wrong?

Other than that. I really don't hate many games. I don't force myself to play through games I don't like. I play the CoD games for the single player stuff, but that's about it. If I don't like a game, I'll just stop playing it.
Skyrim seriously one of the worst RPG's i have ever played i would rather play eternal ring.
(04-10-2013, 01:55 AM)Awesomessprime Wrote: Skyrim seriously one of the worst RPG's i have ever played i would rather play eternal ring.

(04-09-2013, 11:33 PM)Gors Wrote: Try giving reasons too to keep this topic genuinely interesting, instead of just bashing the game.

Let's try putting abit more effort than that, hmm?
Dead Island - Awful, frustrating combat that feels like pulling your own teeth out. Non-existent storyline with non-existent characters and no atmosphere. Ridiculously dull quests that are all the same. Just a completely poor game from top to bottom.
Another game I've been playing (or working) lately, also a NES title.

STED is a futuristic RPG of some sorts, grab Final Fantasy and replace all magic and fantasy with lasers and robots. Great, isn't it? Yeah, I thought I'd have a fun time with it, despite me hating RPGs in general. After all, I'm a fan of unorthodox stuff (Cotton 2, Pocky & Rocky, Earthbound).

But the game is a massive grindfest. So much it hurts you physically. You start with a handful of money and get 4 members relatively early in the game, but then the sadistic elements start to appear:

1-Your friend's weapon needs battery to work. Batteries cost like, 100 gold and it takes hours of enemy beating and hotel resting to get that amount of money. If your weapon run out of batteries (there is no visible meter for it), you are unable to attack.
2-The fourth member (the robot) is completely useless without a BattleChip and some other upgrades. They cost a whopping 500 gold in total if I recall correctly. Also, THE ROBOT DOES NOT RECEIVE ANY EXP POINTS. You level him up by (guess what) buying level chips.
3-Hotels do not recover your health completely. You are forced to stay a couple of nights to fully recover your party, spending more and more money as you do. Also, the robot does not recover HP from this.
4-Like old NES games, items do not have any description whatever. Therefore you need to do a shitload of guesswork to know what does what. Also, HP recovering items DO NOT recover the robot's health.
5-The battle is clumsy. If you assign two members to attack the same enemy, and it dies in the first hit, the second member will get a 100% miss rate, and lose that turn. So you need to even out the targets so you don't lose turns. Actually this adds strategy to the game, so that's not completely bad, just takes time to get used to it.
6-Defeating weaker enemies you've battled before gives you... 0 EXP. That's right, once you're deemed strong enough by the game programming, you get no EXP from weak enemies. Enemies are all ranked in tiers and it lowers when you get stronger. But that also means making levelling harder in a game that is already sadistically hard.
7-You do not get any new ability, like magic spells, by levelling. Yup, you need to goddamn buy them in the skills shop. It's ridiculous how everything in that game is money centered, and how hard it is to get it. And the buff/debuff skills never connected for me. The enemies don't sleep, get poisoned, or even lose attack or defense points. Your success depends in the amount you have in the wallet. Ridiculous.

(also did I say the Robot can't get spell attacks)

And why I'm playing it, you say? For the music. Someone requested me to do some music from it, and I thought it sounded interesting. I tried the game out of curiosity to see if the songs fit with the game. I'm seriously thinking that if STED was released as a music-only cartridge, it would be better.
(04-10-2013, 02:59 AM)TensePsychopath Wrote: Dead Island - Awful, frustrating combat that feels like pulling your own teeth out. Non-existent storyline with non-existent characters and no atmosphere. Ridiculously dull quests that are all the same. Just a completely poor game from top to bottom.

I enjoyed Dead Island but that's only because I was playing with friends for a week so it was much more bearable. It had some great ideas but I'd understand how boring it is on your own. With friends, it's a barrel of laughs.

Oh damn, SFxT
Fuck this game. I hate this game! It's so bad in so many ways it's not even funny. Let's not even bother to talk about the fact Capcom locked over a third of the games content on the disc to charge at a later date but talk about why the game is crap.

The game is piss easy for noobs/casuals. Capcom thought it'd be a great idea to add gems to help non-fighting game players get in but the gems were incredible dumb and broken. From having the ability to auto-block/auto-tech or easy input that made Hadoken(Quarter Circle Forward) just Down/Forward. The gems themselves were around 300 in amount which made playing in tournaments a pain in the arse because watching people select them(even on Fighting Game streams) just a bore to watch. The thing about people who have crap all idea on how to play fighting games is that they'll never want to learn how to properly play, adding gems doesn't teach them but make them lazy at bothering to get good. With people who actually know how to play then using the gems, the difference is skill stays the same. It's stupid
Pandora is bullturd. I hate X-factor and comeback mechanics
The soundtrack is bloody terrible. The they're OK. The character roster is OK(aside from the annoying fact 15 of them are locked) but it could've been a bit better.
There's so much more about why this game is complete shite I could go on and on but I can't be bothered. 2013 didn't really help much, I still found the game to be terrible so good one Capcom.
And it wasn't just me, the general opinion of SFxT amongst the FGC is that SFxT is crap.
(And I did fully complete the game in 2 weeks, so I'm not bandwagoning)
[Image: tumblr_m5qzcoijmX1qidguno1_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_mb508aRj9M1rq56feo1_500.gif]
[Image: 162686d1333095741-street-fighter-x-tekken-exs6r.gif]
[Image: 5raGO.gif]
[Image: sfxt_thayky3.gif]
[Image: qLLeGw6.gif]

Mini Rant
And it bothers me that reviews who don't know who to play these games are giving the game high scores. You have no idea what to look for, are most likely just mashing random crap and then saying "oooh I'm gonna review this". No! That's misleading.
The Assassin's Creed series.

I gave the games a chance, because the first one wasn't that bad. I beat and then thought of ways they could improve the game overall, making the experience more fun rather than just this dull linear point A to point B, kill target X thing. Then, the sequel came out. It was...ok. I thought they improved on the combat, but the story was still dull and pretty linear. Then they decided to whore out Ezio for two more games for no reason. AND THEN the third (though really the fifth) game came out. Just no. All of my no. They made the story completely batshit stupid, more so than the previous games, which that in itself is an accomplishment, but not one to proud of. They also took away the one aspect of the game that was kinda fun: free-running. By putting the character in an environment that does not have a bunch of houses or interesting buildings placed so close to each other, it limits the ability to run on the rooftops and have fun. I mean, sure, the towns had houses next to each other, an the wilderness had trees, but it's not the same. In AC2, everywhere you went, there was a way to climb the rooftops and spend all day running atop all the buildings. In AC3, you can only do that in certain towns, and even then, the buildings do not look very interesting. And now, they're making another game based entirely around the one aspect of AC3 they kinda got right: ship combat.

The worst part about the whole series, though, is the main character. Desmond is the most uninteresting guy I've ever had the misfortune of playing as. He is so boring, and his segments take away from the parts of the games you actually like. No one plays the games for Desmond, because he does nothing. Almost every plot point was discovered in the past, not in Desmond's time. He's just kinda useless to the story. If they had taken away Desmond and taken out the stupid alien bs, the games would be more tolerable.

And then we have the 'war' between the Assassins and the Templars. In the first game, the Templars were kinda understandable, as you could see their point of view on how the human race is too violent and chaotic and needs someone in control of them. That's perfectly understandable, but of course they have questionable methods, which makes them kinda the bad guys. But then AC2 came out and the Templars were magically changed into this organization that is hellbent on controlling and subjugating the entire planet in order to rule the world. Why were they changed? Why? And of course the Assassins weren't changed. They were and still are the 'good guys' who believe humans should be free to do whatever they want, and any form of authority is seen as evil and automatically corrupt.
Halo 4. Now I've never been a fan of FPS games (no really, Goldeneye is the only one I have fond memories of), but Halo 4 was just like, "yo, Imma going take this Halo game 'er and mesh it wit' that there Call of... something 'er other, and I get a new awesome FPS. BOooYahh, Baby!"

No, 343 studios, just no. Get out. And take your freaking killcams with you.
For all the new members, here's a copy paste of my rant on Resident Evil: Missions from the "worst game" thread.

Aside from that I could say Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3. That game did just about everything wrong and I hate Team Ninja for it. I'm so glad they're not the only ones working on Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z so that game actually might have a chance. The team got split anyway so maybe it's a good thing? Only time will tell. Aaaaanyway, to the game. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 improved on pretty much everything from the first game, aside from the surprisingly easy final boss. Ninja Gaiden 3... Well, they went and stripped every single gameplay mechanic from the game, making it basically an interactive movie, and not even a good one at that. Skills, unlockable weapons, shops, experience points and money, gathering mana, spells, intriguing combos, upgrades, secrets, different paths, extra characters, enemy variation, difficulty... Every, single, thing. They took it all away and for what? So we could focus on the story that was propably one of the stupidest things ever concieved by man? It was so cliché that it basically out-clichéd every cliché ever and made no sense whatsoever about 99% of the time. I have no idea what they were thinking when they literally stripped everything from the game that actually made it, you know, a game. What was once known as the hardest game series ever was now just slapping one button to kill the same exact enemy model for hundreds of times. Sure, they added a few new enemies near the end but then they just recycled those for the rest of the time. The bosses were boring and required no thinking at all. They even took away the boss health bar so at points I wasn't even sure if I was making any damage to a boss that just lied there and didn't seem to even care for the attacks. "Just hit it until it's dead" seemed to be the main focus here. Even the only character that I actually liked, Theodore, managed to turn himself into yet another stupid cliché at the end. Honestly, I'd rather take that disappointment of a prize from a hard as hell side quest with a bad character from the first Sigma (which was a new hairstyle) over this crime against the gaming community. I normally don't listen to reviewers but this was one game I should've taken the hint at. The new version (that apparently improved nothing), Razor's Edge is out I hear. I also hear that there's going to be yet another upgrade, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3. They failed the first time, they failed the second time, why are they beating this dead horse? What good does it do? The only thing that would make this game better is if it was rebuilt from scratch with different story and characters and maybe have some goddamn game mechanics in it! The only reason I haven't sold it is because I don't want anyone else to go through the pain of playing through this. Of all the bad games I've ever played, this is propably the second worst, just after Missions.

Not necessarily horrible games in themselves but disappointments, I'd say King of Fighters XII and Bangai-O Spirits. Both games had the problem of a lacking, practically nonexistent story. KoFXII's online mode was terrible and the arcade mode was way too easy with a boring task of beating your own times. Bangai-O, which I originally thought would be a nice SHMUP on the go, turned out to be just a series of challenges with no apparent reward for your troubles.

@Cody: I gotta agree with that gem system in SFxT. It was just pointless and frustrating. There's no need to equip some damn gems to your character when you could just, you know, play the game. Personally, I do like the game, but mainly for its character roster.
Dead Rising. I don't like the original, and I don't like how the second one looked when I watched my roommate play it. I'll explain.

First off, the text in the original is incredibly small. That may not seem like a big deal on an HDTV, but on a normal TV (which I had at the time) it was nearly impossible to read.

Then, the gameplay. I really didn't like how it played... it was slow, clunky, and trying to level up so it wasn't slow and clunky was more than a pain. Walking around the mall was annoying, too. I didn't really enjoy the novelty of beating zombies up with anything you could get your hands on, either. And pictures? Taking pictures was dumb.

So, I guess, Dead Rising just isn't for me. Oh, I did like that guy the attacked like Sora though. That was neat.
Bangai-O isn't a story based shoot-em-up at all. Sure, there are some text here and there but its main purpose is to best the courses. Shallow idea, but solid execution imo. Think Wrecking Crew + giant robots, and that's what you get, in a nutshell. I understand your disappointment, though.

I've played the N64 one and had some fun with it, later levels are a bitch to beat though.
(04-10-2013, 11:24 AM)Gors Wrote: Bangai-O isn't a story based shoot-em-up at all. Sure, there are some text here and there but its main purpose is to best the courses. Shallow idea, but solid execution imo. Think Wrecking Crew + giant robots, and that's what you get, in a nutshell. I understand your disappointment, though.

I know it's not, that's what disappointed me. Sure, I wasn't expecting any mind blowing story but I would've preferably wanted a game with some actual continuity to it. The constant "you finished, choose another mission" kinda messes up the flow of the game. I expect some smooth, continuous action from these kind of games.

The game's okay but it fell way under my expectations for it.
I second Ninja Gaiden III, that game just ripped out the soul of the entire series. NG was all about legitimate difficulty and fast-paced action, yet NGIII trashed all that by adding QTEs and limiting Ryu to, what, four combos for each weapon? The game was also extremely easy, and you could simply spam one combo over and over to be effective. Team Ninja said they wanted to focus on the story and Ryu's character, but they clearly weren't any better than in past games.

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