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I've been playing stretches of this since Tuesday. It's pretty awesome. Probably the best platformer I've played since Rayman Origins... which is impressive since this game's non-linear in a Metroidvania way and has a heavy focus on surprisingly complex fighting mechanics (for a sidescroller, for sure).

It's got all these crazy mechanics going on with switching dimensions like Outland or Quantum Conundrum, but with some really tricky rolling, walljumping, double jumping and air dashing stuff thrown in to make it tricky as hell. I think I'm about 2/5ths the way through.

I just bought it on the strength of the developers, Drinkbox, since they made About a Blob and Mutant Blobs... was looking forward to it, but it's way better than I expected.
I just saw this yesterday on Out of the Box. Looks pretty fun but sadly is just the kind of game my friends don't like to play.
Yeah, there's supposed to be co-op, but I don't know if it's local-only or online too. It's cross buy and I've been playing it on Vita instead of my PS3.

I should try the cross-controller thing out and see if it works how I want it to. I got the cross-controller DLC for LBP2 that lets you use the Vita as a controller, and it was kind of annoying to set up. This is probably smoother and easier.

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