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My headset's right cup is really quiet all the sudden.
I've got Logitech G430s and noticed last night that they're not playing out of the right ear very loudly. I thought they weren't playing at all, but after messing around a bit, I found that by turning off audio on the left entirely and turning volume to max on the right and the volume settings, I can hear a very quiet whisper of what I should be hearing. I reinstalled the drivers and tried to reset the default volume settings on windows. Any ideas from here?
Sounds like a hardware issue. I had the same with some earphones, nothing to do in that case.
Could be something else, of course !
No such luck as far as I can tell. I was told to try percussive maintenance as well. :D
Just playing with it a bit tonight, and I've found that by turning off all the surround sound on the left and front side, I can hear the right side through the left ear.

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