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The gaming related ventilation thread!
The Smite balance team is full of blindfolded chimpanzees riding around an office complex on horseback hurling tomahawks at their PCs in order to decide what to change this patch. Every single role right now is completely and utterly f*cked.

Support, which previously was my favorite, can't build any kind of respectable defense since, at the beginning of the season, Hi Rez literally just made every single defensive item half as good. Defense items used to give actual Defense and Health, now they give one or the other, which means every defensive character is half as good as they used to be while no offensive items were touched like this at all.

Junglers can no longer farm effectively after the devs just decided to make the jungle give less XP for no reason this season, so now they babysit Mid all game so they don't fall extremely behind. This in turn hurts the Mid laner because any god without an escape, who previously were all in mid-low tiers, are bottom tier now since they're pretty much always in extreme danger and need a way out. Previously, Mid lane was a pretty diverse lineup, now it's the same five or six gods with almost no diversity.

Solo lane is just boring, since Junglers rarely if ever rotate to gank anymore because of the XP loss. Now you just chill in lane and hope the other guy doesn't kill you for twenty minutes. Funnnnn

I can't even comment on ADC since the role rapidly fluctuates every few weeks. One week it's fine, the next they add a new hunter who's absurdly broken but they refuse to tone down, the next week they add an item which makes the alleged "late game carry" class do more damage than anyone else at any given point in the game for no reason.

This all isn't even taking into account personal issues, like how I ground a god to Diamond last fall because he was extremely fun to play and more or less revived my interest in the game, then Hi Rez decided to make him to worst god in the entire game, no contest, completely brushed him under the rug, ignored the countless people asking for even a slight adjustment to make him not utter ass, and then just said "He's actually doing pretty well" on stream when people ask about him, even though every single statistic shows that he's utter crap.

I dunno, I'm just not having fun with the game anymore now that it's so incredibly broken. I hate this too because, at its core, Smite is a crazy fun game that I doubt I'll ever really quit, but with every patch it gets so much worse. I miss the TF2 hardcore way of balancing things, wherein a stupid thing will exist for years only to be toned down after everyone's gotten used to it and labeled as "a bug". Sure it's shady as all get out, but hey, it's consistent. Smite's just a different game every few months, and usually, it's a worse one.
No, Overwatch has dumb matchmaking.

So, I get into this game.

[Image: gj_blizzard.png]

See anything wrong with the match here? You see the difference in levels I, and the other team are in regards to my WHOLE TEAM?

I'm level 88, so I expect to get people of around the same level, or at least some group of people who are level a high level with maybe a low level in their group. I'm okay with that. BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS

So we lose the first round as expected, and then I try and bring it back by going Lucio and HOPING someone goes something useful. And then the HIGHEST LEVELED USER BESIDES ME went Symmetra, who you just DON'T USE ON KOTH. So I've got a team of people who all together make a rank of 100 and we just can't do anything.

So I just say in chat. "Wow, thanks for this fair and balanced matchmaking blizzard" and someone on the other team tells me "It's your team comp, you guys should be like 3 tank, 1 atk/def and 2 support"

I then tell him that everyone on my team are low leveled compared to us. I'm the highest on this team by a wide margin, and I shouldn't be matched with people this low down who still don't know what they're doing.

Then the rest of his team start telling me that it was just our team comp, and levels don't mean anything. I go on to say that we had a LEVEL 34 SYMMETRA ON KOTH DOING NOTHING and the rest of the team didn't exactly know what they were doing either. I was the only person to be a healer.

Then they just say "dude it's your team comp lol" and just don't understand that levels do == skill, and a whole team of people who are below level 35 will have a harder time choosing the right heroes and play the right way the whole game.

Honestly, it's been like this for a while. I've had a game where the other team was a group of 6 with two level 300's, two level 200's and 2 level 100's while ours was scattered between 85-215 or so, all not in a group.
Someone once told me that "A good game is one that brings you back it and when it get harder it makes you say 'One more time. This time for sure.'" I would like to look him in the face and tell him BULLSHIT. I just spent the last I don't know how long trying to do the Hardest level in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (The Perfect Run, which is a level with bullshit design and you can only take one hit). As you can see from my Backloggery Logo, I did not finish it. I gave up because I can not bare it any more. I kept going "One more time." Not becuse I was having fun but because it was the last star in the game and I might as well get it since I got all the way there.

I would also like to take this time to explain why I don't like 3D Mario. For the longest time, I could not figure out why 3D Mario games get dull some time in, and then SMG2 showed me. It's repetitive. I'll give 64 some slack since it was still learning and was half desint. Sunshine and Galaxy 2, however, have no excuse. Making us run around collecting everything in a level is boring. Yes, you can collect the bare minimum and get the final battle, but if you are me, you don't like leaving a game half finished. You know what? I think Galaxy 2 is made to be 100% beaten, because You first collect the 108 (I think) stars in the normal worlds, then the remaining stars in the S world (to make 120), and then you replay the game by getting 120 green stars, AND THEN you open up the last level for two last stars making it 242. Why would you have that many stars if you're not meant to be completed? At lest when you replayed Galaxy 1, it was optional and you were treated to something special, playing as Luigi, which was made unspecial in 2 by making him playable for almost the entire game.

I teased this game for the longest time saying it's nothing but a DLC pack, but really it is. It really wants to be Mario Galaxy 1 but better. "We have a great new character in the first one so lets do the same and they'll love him too," except I didn't. I think he's the worse part of the game along side the repetitive stages. "There were green stars that open up a new challenge, so lets do that again," but the green stars were collected along the way in one, there were three of them, and I liked the harder challenges because they were tough but fair instead of long and difficult. "We didn't put in classic levels, so let's put one from each of the 3D games." While it was cool to see Whomp's Fortress updated, it didn't make up for the boring slog in the second half, and the other two felt kinda out of place (Twisty Trials AKA Secret of Rico Tower) and lazy (Stone Cyclone AKA Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone).

In the end, I don't like this game. I don't plan to play it again, though I have surprised myself from time to time.
Starting looking for Skyrim questline mods since I finished everything in vanilla for the third time and I found one called The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal that came very highly recommended.

Good god was it a let down, I mean the starting dungeon is fine albeit really convoluted, but then it leads you to a mini daedric plane where you need to find a key to escape and, ideally, not kill any of the dozens of patrolling guards. I figured that the key would be located on one of the guards, so I went around pickpocketing and came up empty handed. Then I figured it'd be near one of the guard camps, since this is supposed to be a stealthy adventure after all, so I sneak around all of the camps and, once again, came up empty handed. Then I figured, fuck it, it must be somewhere on this stupid plane, so I just summoned my horse and rode around the entire map, only to find absolutely nothing.

TURNS OUT, the key is sitting in a chest in a tiny cave behind the castle right next to the water that, by the way, instakills you if you get close to it. Whatever, I have the key, I enter the door and end up in the NEW most back-assward dungeon I've ever played in a videogame. The whole thing is a weird system of tube-y hallways that you need to run back and forth in whilst spamming a spell that detects fake walls, and its somehow even worse than it sounds. There's a bunch of pulling one lever that opens a door five miles away in a different tube, so you spring over there only to find a lever that opens a door back at the other tube and its just a bit old mess of a dungeon. Eventually I got so tired that I tried noclipping around and that still didn't help because of how fucking gridlocked the entire map is.

I gave up there, holy god was that miserable.
SON OF A ........!!! Super Smash Bros 3DS online is ridiculous. Just because I don't feel like buying downloaded characters, I get put at a disadvantage. Especially against Bayonetta. Absolute bullshit.
(08-26-2016, 09:08 PM)Kakariko Kid Wrote: SON OF A ........!!! Super Smash Bros 3DS online is ridiculous. Just because I don't feel like buying downloaded characters, I get put at a disadvantage. Especially against Bayonetta. Absolute bullshit.

They still haven't balanced her out? Jeez. There has to be a ton of Bayonetta players out there, then. I actually didn't have any fun with the new Smash, so I haven't been playing it, but I've seen footage of Bayo fighting and she is waaaaay too OP. 

The Wii U game pad is no fun to use with Smash and the Peach controller I got for it is too tiny. If I could actually have a decent controller to play it on maybe I would have played more than day ><
Revisited L.A Noire. Wow. I forgot how challenging this is. I'm not good with judgement on some of these things.

It doesn't help that the lie option isn't used for a lot of the people, and even if you could find the correct evidence the game won't let you present it, and Phelps goes on a fucking mad one with the person he's talking to.

I think I've told this before, but one time I was walking around this house and found these glasses that were repaired with tape, I noted it down and then went to ask the wife. She said that her husband's glasses were fine, and nothing had happened to them. I present the glasses and it was the wrong answer. Phelps is just like "LOOK MISS, IF YOU WANT TO FUCKING LIE IN MY FACE WE CAN GO DOWN TO THE PRECINCT AND I CAN GIVE YOU A PIECE OF MY MIND, HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE AND TIME BY LYING YOU BITCH"

I mean, you'd think this was just one time, but again in another case. I find a cheque for like $20,000 in someone's house. I ask the person if they're having money troubles, and they're like "Yes". I present the cheque and he goes on another mad one about how they're lying when the game tells me they're not.

I also vaguely remember Phelps trying to scare anyone who was Jewish with talks of the gas chambers and concentration camps, and how America saved them but it could rise up any minute, and they'd usually fall for the scare.

Here's the perfect example.

Just bought new games from the internet. Here's a warning to anyone who buys online, you do not know what condition your stuff is in even if they tell you. I will not say the name of the web site or the seller, becuse the web site is great and I've had little problems with it or it's people. So  I just bought Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition (the one that bundles the first two games and some/all DLC, I'm not sure about the DLC). They advertised that it was "like new" and was willing to ship it for free. This was a little over a week ago and they decided to put it in the mail five days after the order, but I'm fine with that and was willing to wait a few days to get it. Today it arives and, holy hell, am I mad.

First off, right out of the box, it looks like they threw it agenst the wall multaple times. The box is destroid, it is dented and has a giant hole in the botom. Kicker is the plastic that is half hanging off: "[name] Inspected." Inspected? Looks like they took one look at it and said "yeah, that's what he wants" and threw it in the box. At this moment, I'm getting upset, but willing to deal with getting a new box. Next, I take the game sleeve out and notice that it's broken too. The plastic holders for the discs are shatered, so much that they fell on the floor when I opened the sleeve. It looks like they ran it over a few times. It's so baddly damaged that one of the discs won't stay in. Now I'm mad. Lastly I do what I always do when I get a new game, I check the discs. Before I go on, I want to say that (for the people who never owned a 360) Xboxes can be picky little shits if it has a huge scratch is on it, it may not run. If it was scratched, It don't think I would care because I have a chance of repairing it. Not this time. Why? Because the Bioshock 1 game disc is FUCKING WARPED. Not even the bonus disc, but the fucking game disc that I NEEEEEEED to play the fucking game. Bioshock 2 is fine, but I didn't pay 21 fucking dollors for one game it's dlc and dlc for a game I don't have. I am BEYOND pissed off.

[Image: the-room-tv-throw-o.gif]

And it's not not like they don't do a good job because I also bought the Borderlands Triple Pack. Brand new, in pristine condition, everything looks great. It's just this one fucking game that they messed up on.
Work was cancelled this weekend so I ended up grabbing Bravely Default and started a new game. I was really digging it, since the idea of converting turns in an RPG into a resource really is brilliant, and I was wondering why I never finished it.

Then the first boss healed herself constantly and I remembered. Holy shit, the healing bosses in this game are insane.

I grinded some more and beat the first pair and was getting back in the swing of things, when I entered the Thief's Den and found a boss who literally does nothing but spam health potions the entire time. He doesn't steal them either, like one would think, he just has 20 or so potions that heal himself for 500 points a piece in his inventory. I had two casters who quickly ran out of MP, and my physicals couldn't outdamage his absurd healing, so he just whittled me down with critical hits. It was, by far, the most disappointing and enraging boss battle I think I've ever played, and I won't be revisiting that game again anytime soon.
I don't remember the thief healing, now that you mention it. I think the spellblade can, but I never saw the thief do it.
So I got Simpsons Hit and Run. And I've decided to do some of the races. There are times where the computer is a cheater. Even if you do unlock the faster car from a later level.
It's the year 2016 and some people still believe JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a Capcom IP (you know, on the same vein than that of Megaman and Street Fighter)....
Developers:Look! We went back to the original Metroid and improved on all the things that are bad.

Me:That's cool.

D:And we added the speed booster and shine spark.

M:Alright. This adds so many new spots to put power ups. Ummm, how do you preform the shine spark?

D:We're not telling you.

Let me put this out there. Any game that has you look at the manual to understand how to do something is a pain in the ass and you should never do it. It doesn't have to be a long speech on how to do it, just a simple "You got [insert item]! Use [Blah Blah Blah] to preform!". Kicker? I looked up the manual online. Says nowhere that you can preform the shine spark. Yes, I know that it's a Super Metroid move and it probably preforms the same way, but I'm one of the few people to not play Super Metroid. No, it's not necessary to beat the game, but I'm a completionist and I want to get every last item, at lest three of them has you do complex Shine Sparking to get. I have no idea how someone could get 100% in under 2 hours.
(10-01-2016, 12:26 PM)Space Jockey Wrote: It's the year 2016 and some people still believe JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a Capcom property....

Who currently owns the rights to make the Jojo games anyway?

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