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Super Devil
You know, worse than the regular one.

Well, actually, this is about a special character "transformation" in the Metal Slug series. What makes this so special is that it cannot be obtained in any of the games' main modes, and is only available via Combat School in Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X. It was also featured as a special event in Metal Slug Defense. I say "transformation" because it is the only alternation to a character you can acquire that doesn't need a specific thing to happen, as you start the game in this mode once you choose it. The mode itself doesn't really change your character's look either, it only changes their color (which makes them look a bit like the clone enemies from MS3) and gives you a special weapon. Despite this, the concept art of this form shows the Marco as a green tinged demon with wings. The concept art also shows him breathing fire but the special weapon is only an unlimited ammo version of either Slug Cannon or Super Grenade, depending on game.

More concept art images can be found here:
[Image: latest?cb=20140518010818]

Video footage in each game the form is present:

As an exta bonus, you can see a couple of the clone enemies I mentioned in the above video from 2:06 onwards.

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