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Discussion: Was Kirby 64 in the Original Smash Bros. Being Teased?
Smash Bros. games have teased Upcoming Games a lot, even whatever form it turns out on the Switch port or new could also do so:
*Smash 4 teased Yoshi's Woolly World and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D in the respective versions, as well as teasing Star Fox 64 with the cast of that game.
*Brawl teased Wario Land: Shake it, with Wario's Victory Theme coming from part of the first level in that game.
*Melee teased Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land with the Fountain of Dream's music, Roy before the Fire Emblem game he was in released, and Star Fox Adventures by using the cast of that game in the Codec Calls.
*I think the Original Smash Bros. teased Kirby 64 in many ways:

Dream Land very much looks like the first level of Kirby 64.

Kirby's taunt is very much like when he defeats a boss in Kirby 64.

A lot about Kirby in the Original Smash Bros. was later used in Kirby 64, like his moveset, his animation from when his shield breaks, various other animations, and even the fact that his voice clips by Makiko Omoto would later be used in Kirby 64. Does anyone else feel like the Original Smash Bros. had been teasing Kirby 64, which was in development at the same time.

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