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Hurricane Harvey
First off, how are all of my fellow Houstonians? Is everyone alright??

Patrick, Nola and I are ok. We evacuated our side of town (greater southeast Houston, closer to Galveston) to my parents (greater northeast area) on Friday. Our neighbors back home sent us some pictures of the apartments. The parking lot is under water but the water hasn't gotten into any buildings yet. We're lucky because our apartments are slightly higher up that the restaurants around us. We are stuck in my parents neighborhood with limited access out of it if we use my brothers lifted truck. We are extremely lucky to have come here when we did. We have water, food, and electricity for now.

This is very serious. It has been raining for four days straight. It is so bad that they are having to open reservoirs. I feel so helpless watching the news. The side of town we live on is nearly completely under water. People are being rescued from the roofs by boats and helicopters. There are makeshift shelters everywhere. Schools, business, and even the biggest furniture store in all of Houston have opened their doors. I have been through hurricanes and flash floods before, but nothing like this. This is literally historical. 2,000 people have been rescued last I heard. I've had friends lose their cars and homes in the last few days. One of our friends has to put their kids in an ice chest and float them down the road to safety through chest deep water.

People are questioning why the city wasn't evacuated. 6.5 million people evacuating would have ended in more deaths. It happened during the last hurricane when everyone tried getting out. Everyone was stuck on highways for 16+ hours with no way out. People died of drowning and dehydration. So don't let news outlets make our mayor look like an idiot for not ordering the evacuation. He did the right thing. This storm grew in strength so fast, we all would have drowned in our cars.

Sorry for all of the random bits of information. I wasn't sure what y'all were seeing on the news, so I wanted to update everyone first hand.

The pier at our apartment, before (my photo a few weeks ago) and during (the neighbor sent us that picture)

[Image: 5zIxhuB.jpg]

Photos I took. Top 2 are at a major highway near my parents, the last is from the news just a few miles away from where we live

[Image: CvSq0Jm.jpg]

[Image: M7qrOZd.jpg]

[Image: h4AdQp7.jpg]

Random pictures of Houston from around facebook

[Image: wq4aReU.jpg]

[Image: 5stt1dG.jpg]

[Image: iyyOrq8.jpg]

And because this post has been too real, here is a hilarious photo of Nola totally not digging the car ride to my parents house. She's doing fine, just a little homesick.

[Image: yztrOIT.jpg]

It has rained so much that the National Weather Service had to add new colors to the flood gauge on maps. We have received over 6 months of our annual rain in two days.
I'm glad you're safe. Stay safe! This is very concerning.

PsychoSpaceCow went dark and said he would let us know how he is as soon as he can. A few people on Discord are in that mess, too.

My wife asked why people didn't evacuate and were having to be rescured on roofs and such. I'll share this bit of information you provided.

The pic of Nola is Cat Tax.

Take care.
[Image: 1n4qp0X.jpg]

This is what it looked like when we tried to evacuate Hurricane Rita. These highways slim down to 2-3 lanes outside of Houston. 6.5 million people (I think nearly 4 million tried to get out), stuck in their cars on the road with nowhere to go. Over 100 people died. So far, only 8 people have died here from Harvey, reported all in cars trying to get through high water.
Stay safe. I know a few people from Texas that have relocated, I've been told that they're safe and are in better areas away from the storm.
Hope you stay safe ! Terrible situation.
Always happy to see a Nola picture :)
Here are some before and after photos of my city.
Good to hear you are alive and well, Cuccos!

What a terrible situation. Hopefully things do get better.
Still in home with power somehow. Can't leave the driveway on account of the water , but I'm very fortunate given the circumstances. Thought my power would be de facto gone but not so bad. The front of the neighborhood far as I can figure is safe albeit with first floors that are soaked. Too scared to check.

[Image: 20170828_044033.jpg?width=503&height=670]

and here's my cat too. Blissfully unaware of the world around us and hunting outdoor spiders indoors.
I feel really sorry for you Americans. We never get anything like this in the UK so I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like.

I hope all you guys stay safe, and keep us up to date with the latest happenings. It's always nice to know people are safe during times like this.

Oh, and keep those kitty cats safe!
We've had things like this in the past but nothing to this scale. The folks on the news were saying the weather channel had to add a new color to its rain gauging system.
Ah that sucks, glad you guys are ok.

Now I gotta write up some Cuccos lore about you and your cyborg cat surfing away from a tidal wave made out of mountain dew while Psycho's in a submarine made from old DS lites or something.
Glad you guys are safe. I almost can't believe how high the water is on such a large scale.
Another hurricane coming.
(09-05-2017, 06:22 AM)The Antagonist Wrote: Another hurricane coming.

Cripes, will this ever stop?
(09-06-2017, 11:37 AM)CLXcool Wrote:
(09-05-2017, 06:22 AM)The Antagonist Wrote: Another hurricane coming.

Cripes, will this ever stop?
Go protest about it!
Like... will people stop being idiots?

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