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The gaming related ANTI-ventilation thread.
Playing an Illusion mage in my ~15th Skyrim playthrough, and while it might not be the most traditionally effective, it is the most HILARIOUS way to play by far. Between randomly walking up on a Giant camp and having everyone murder eachother then your dumbass housecarl walks in and gets slammed into the skybox, to casting a Fear spell on a random dude in the middle of a dungeon so he runs like hell right into a spike wall trap that he probably set up and flings out to one shot him like a fucking roadrunner cartoon, to the easiest powerlevelling ever where you get the master rally illusion spell, walk into the market in Whiterun, and just spam it for half an hour to gain ~2000 levels in Illusion.

I was going for a Pacificst playthough, but apparently if any of your Allies kill something, it counts as You killing it, which stinks. So now I'm going Illusion/Conjuration and it's a hoot. Downside is that I'm going to half to do the dumbass College quest again for those robes and booties, and much like real college, that is a massive chore.

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