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Obscure CS:GO Model Origin
The radios that can be found across several maps in Counter Strike: Global Offensive actually have an obscure origin.
For those confused, I'm talking about these ones:
[Image: 8X5Tx7l.png]
(Close up from an SFM video for reference:)
[Image: 1rLKqf0.png]

What these models appear to based are the real-life "His Kids Radio", a radio distributed by the Chicago-based Christian organization known as the Moody Bible Institute.
These units allowed access to only two stations: The children's "His Kids Radio" that played mostly Christian pop songs and audio dramas and the regular WMBI station owned by Moody.

A standard unit:
[Image: ov6Su0Q.jpg]

The station's original logo seen on the CS:GO model:
[Image: V8uZ95K.jpg]

Can you provide footage of this radio in-game? If you have any other sources for this radio outside of wikipedia, they would be needed as well.

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